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Canadian Progressives Aggregator....New home....!!!

So, every spring, the flowers start to bloom, the grass grows, the trees bud, and the host for the Canadian progressives Aggregator demands a massive sum of money to host us. (to me its massive, I'm thrift girl.)

This year, we had a whole swath of amazing contributions from the usual suspects, and some new ones! to allow me to pay the massive sum of money for the hosting.

But yanno.....When they also demanded a completely out of whack exchange rate for the Canadian dollars I have to offer, I said.....Naaaaaaaaaaaah. pale no play dat!

So after some investimagation ™, I found hosting at a much more reasonable rate, that is also pretty reliable.
We are now good to go for three years, instead of one year. There will be no shows in the barn to raise funds, and no one will have to sell a kidney. YAY! Crowdfunding in ACTION!

Thanks to all those who added to the pot to make this possible. You know who you are and will be getting a pvt mail as well.

Rock on! Stop HARPER!


The Harper Gubbermint: Taking the Universality outta Universal health care!

I know, this is a soapbox I have been on for years.
But many have walked on by as if I was one of those crazy street preachers forecasting the end of the world.

Here is where I would say, "I told ya so!" and get some weird perverse pleasure at being right, but I am not feeling the joy.

So what is the Harper Gubbermint planning to do?
Well, as usual it's a backdoor, sneaky kinda deal that pits Canadians against each other. Lord of the flies, divide and conquer. Conservative style!

Fair Election act? --->Voter Suppression act of 2014.

So we are in the midst of having our elections act changed by the very party that have been under investigation for committing election fraud, the ones that have most likely been pulling the nasty stunts. Makes total sense, right?

They are changing it so that it will be harder for the people who are not rich or conservative, to actually vote.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOD morning Canada!

So, how was your long sleep?
In this week's newz, the Biebs turned himself in on an assault charge, and the media circus we shall call Cirque'DUH! Rob Ford is rolling through.....Still.

In other newz the Canadian government has been spying on you using your cellfone and laptops.

The Harper Government is burning books, and destroying scientific data that cost you and I untold Millions of dollars, AND....OH! KITTY!

Wouldn't it be a good idea to pay attention to the man behind the curtain? he likes to watch.....

he likes to watch 

The new plastic money: Or, How Old dead white dudes got a makeover

So we are all probably pretty familiar with the new money. It's horrible to have to count a stack of it, very slow, and often has to be recounted as the buggas stick together.

If it gets folded up in a pocket or a wallet, the creases become almost permanent.

They will melt. It doesn't feel real to me anymore, but our money is just electrons with no valid tangible thing to back it up anyway. Debit cards, and now cash are just pieces of plastic. Worthless in so many ways.

But the amusing thing I have also noticed, is the makeover that all the dead PM's that appear on our bills seem to have gotten.

Laurier, looks 10-20 years younger. Side by side:


The collar is the same.  


If it's Monday, this must be Jerusalem

Wow. Not only are we bankrolling this expedition and the Harper and the Rocking Rabbi's Roadie tour, but we are being looped into supporting the Israeli government no matter what. They wanna bomb Iran? Apparently we do too!

Not in my name. Thanks very much. I'm more of a traditional Canadian, not the war monger sort at all. 

David Akins column:

Basically, in Harper's formulation, you're an anti-Semite if you criticize Israel. And no, I don't believe I'm exaggerating. 

Celsius 232

“But you can't make people listen. They have to come round in their own time, wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them. It can't last.”
― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

No. We cannot make people listen. That is most obvious after so many years of standing in the crowd yelling DANGER while providing AMPLE facts and data to support it.

As Dr Prole said the other day, they called us Cassandras.....

But, as we have learned over and over again, the Harper government is set on destroying what Canada was, and what it could be. Part of the methodology has been the death of knowledge, and the destruction of truth. 

The Craigslist Christmas eve scam.

So I have a few items up for sale on Craigslist.
Last evening I got a query, asking email and phone number, and is the item still available?
Yes, and I responded with my home phone number.

I got an email reply very early this morning, basically asking what the condition of the item is?
Since it was described, with accompanying photos in the actual ad, I just thought....hmmmmm.

After several more mails the person said he was buying the item, and he would pay by paypal and arrange shipping with an "agent".
So, I was mailed again, and when I checked my mails on my breaks, I followed the whole drama.

Nadda came from paypal, except some paypal spam. But to my inbox.

In my spam folder I found this:

Dying in this Harper wonderland....

Well, every year here at ACR it is a tradition that a Christmas song gets subverted. (The inspiration is usually the news.) Why should this year be any different?
pale presents,

Dying in this Harper Wonderland.
You all know the tune!

And I dedicate this picture to all the members of the Conservative party of canada!

For the CPC 

The phone rings,
you better answer,
collecting bills,
it's like a cancer,
you cant pay a one,
it's really no fun,
owing in this Harper Wonderland

Gone away, are good wages,
losing all,
but in stages,
you can't close that gap,
payday loans are a trap,
living in this Harper wonderland.

If you have two kidney's you can sell one,
to pay the fines imposed by Harper's courts!
The neighbours kids are crying cause they're hungry
but you can watch your Hockey and your porn!

Not my job,
being human,
it doesn't pay, like Bitumen
they own that whole crew,
and now your dog and you too!
owned and pwned in Harper's Wonderland.

In the park the benches are all taken,
but you can always find a cardboard box,
unless the cops decide that you are threatening!
and find yourself receiving taser shocks!

Work three jobs,
and your tired,
Vote "Right to work", to get hired,
You won't need a car.
cause you wont go that far,
unemployed in Harper's Wonderland.

Owing in this Harper wonderland.
Dying, in this Harper Wonderland.

The Harper family production of 'A Christmas carol'


Here is a still, from the Harper family production of 'A Christmas carol', with the ghost of Christmas present.
I would hate to be haunted by this one. Even the Chinchilla looks mortified.

Repost: A Tail Of Two Kitties

A repost from 2007, and 2008. Just to say that at this time of year, and especially this year with the economy still in the trench, there are children who need a "kitty" of their very own.  -pale
kitty, in better days, before the stuffing came out.

Its that time of year again.

I call it the annual stressfest (otherwise known as Christmas.)
Its that time when everyone wants your money: stores, charities....

I bet you can tell by the title that this is probably not a political diary?

No, this is a diary about something entirely different.

The latest "Anti cyber bullying bill" looks suspiciously familiar.....hmmmm.

*pale taps her black nails on the desk and thinks......*

Oh! Ya! Same gig from a couple years back....When anyone who protested proposed laws that invaded our privacy was labelled as a paedophile.

This is a regular occurrence with the Harper Government. When a bill fails (whether Through public outrage, or because the writ is dropped when Harper shuts down parliament) they bring it back with violins and boxes of kleenex. 

I always think it's a "to do" list they must have posted at the PMO. They will push it through in any way they can. 

My good friends at Dammit Janet have outlined what is going on.  Dr Michael Geist has also looked at the new legislation being proposed.

Blessed Samhain!

Or, Happy Halloween.
The leaves were swirling all over the yard yesterday as I grabbed one of our old xmas trees out of the back in the guerilla composting pile.

It has been resurrected and once again graces our living room.

The gurlies and I put lights and pumpkins and cobwebs on it. A black cat is the "star."
The gurlies think it is the finest Samhain tree ever. I took this pic with my fone, so it's not the best quality, but you get the idea. 


Samhain Tree 

Blessed Be, and may the next year be all that you need it to be.

The Tories under the Bus....


Thhhhhhhhe Tories under the bus go thump thump thump, thump thump thump. thump thump thump,

the Tories under the bus go thump thump thump!

All over town!


Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe Media on the Bus goes Shhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhh,   Shhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhh,  Shhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhh, 

The Media on the Bus goes Shhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhh,

and carries Harper's water!


Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe Harper on the Bus just deflects and fibs, deflects and fibs,  deflects and fibs, 

the Harper on the Bus just deflects and fibs,

To save his sorry hide!



The War room spins! and spins some more,  spins some more, spins some more!

The War room spins! and spins some more
All thru the net!


Observations through thick and thin.....

I have said it before. I am a walkin' talkin' eating disorder.

I started purging and crash dieting at the age of 12. Fast forward a few years, and I found myself a size 22. At the moment I am a much smaller size, purely a reaction to stress. Just could not eat. Period.

So, I can give you the skinny, as it were, on how people act and react to my various sizes, it's an interesting thing actually.

When I was a larger lady, I always dressed fairly well, hair and makeup always done. Despite that, it became common to be treated as invisible. Lots of people offer dieting advice too, unasked for and unwanted and not always in a kindly way. But that is always a given, the holier than thou art types think they need to save you from yourself.

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