The wonders of the wayback machine.

Nope. NOT a Delorean. But still a hell of a lot of fun for geeks. Writing a new post, and going through old articles about the Harper Conservatives can often lead to frustrating 404 pages. 

Just last week, I was perusing an old post on ACR here, and using the links to write a new post....I got this:

Annoying. Kinda......weird? It has been happening to me a lot the last couple years. Considering how the Globe and Mail, and all the other media sites this does happen on most often also endorsed the Tories....Well. One can never know. Can one? This has been my experience.  It is anecdotal. But, still a preverbial cat I have to skin.....I returned to an old friend. 

With the wonders of the Wayback machine, an article that looks like this:

Mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe can be found like this:


We already know how the Conservatives cleared out libraries and online web pages....So....When looking for a report on Con ad spending, This:



Could now be, THIS!


The Wayback Machine. A fun tool and pain in the ass to all those who would prefer that no one remembers that this stuff ever happened. 

Dear Canadian Corporate media: I am sick of your self serving bullshit.

In the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, there is a special mention about the press....

“freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.”

I am guessing that the authors didn't mean, freedom to protect our own ASS(ets)It was probably put there for more altruistic reasons....

Keystone XL is no longer a threat. Now we will have to deal with our fucking media telling us that we need to cover the Canadian landscape with pipelines, and I am assuming that they have no issue with loading the coastal waters of BC with tankers. 

During this last election, they all recommended that we vote conservative too.  

Why? It was not good reporting. 

It was self serving bullshit. From a media that has been concentrated down to just a few key players...

Postmedia, just for instance......

It's no secret that the Conservative prime minister has prioritized oil and gas development as part Canada's economic future — his government has approved the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, and his party supports the proposed TransCanada Energy East and Keystone XL pipelines project.

Postmedia's endorsement should come as no surprise then, given the network's relationship with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), Canada's largest official advocate for the oil and gas industry.

Cozy and warm in their nice soft beds together. Aw. Screw humanity!

The Tee Vee industry in Canada? Concentration Of Media Ownership In Canada Worst In G8 For TV Industry, Study Says.

This, is actually one of the biggest threats to our country. A few horrendously wealthy companies with connections to other massive corporations that only exist to get bigger.... that want to give all of us their own POV, with no variance. I am too irked to continue on this today, but it will be my soapbox. Does this matter to anyone else? What are we going to do about this issue? Cause sure as hell they will only get worse as they get even more powerful. 




Are YOU experienced? Apparently a Penis is required.

We have been hearing OH SO MUCH whining and moaning from the old white establishment about the new Trudeau cabinet. 

What is the real issue for most of it? Let us just go ahead and be completely honest for once? JUST ONCE!

50% of the new cabinet will not have a penis. Because having a penis is actually a job requirement in government? Or having Balls, cajones?

Penis= Experience. Apparently?

Harper made appointments with little else in mind other than the pick was a good con soldier. One that could be packed into a suitcase, but taken out to make pre-approved media statements. I think some had replaceable heads, like Kryton but with different hair and noses.


Red Dwarf, Krytons spare heads.


Just as an example, let us look at a Harper pick for "Minister of Science" after the newly ordained Kristy Duncan. Just for shits and giggles of course......

Trudeau picked this capable woman, who has a really good background in.....Science?

After graduating from Kipling Collegiate Institute in 1985 as an Ontario Scholar, Duncan studied Geography and Anthropology at the University of Toronto. She then entered graduate school at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and completed a Ph.D. in geography in 1992.

From 1993 to 2000, Duncan taught meteorology, climatology, and climate change at the University of Windsor. In 1992, as she became increasingly aware of the increasing probability of a global flu crisis, she was led to investigate the cause of the similar 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, saying, “I was horrified we didn’t know what caused [Spanish flu], and also knew that if we could find fragments of the virus, we might be able to find a better flu vaccine”

Lets look at a past Harper pick for the same post....
But, he may or may not have a penis. 

Justice minister? Judy Wilson Raybold. LOTS of experience with real life, and real cases with Real people. 
Past Harper Picks? Peter Mackay, a lawyer. But more of a lifelong politician, with little experience in actual, justice. Or in real life. 
Not long ago, Justice Minister Peter MacKay actually said homeless people should sell off "a bit of property" to come up with the cash to pay the mandatory victim surcharge if they're convicted of an offence.

Apparently Mackay had a penis, so that makes him more experienced. 

I can go through this entire list, and I will BETCHA, I can show how misogynist and crappy the old white fucks club really is. 

But, I don't have a penis, so apparently, my opinion is not valid?


Welcome to 2015 boyoz. Suck it up. We are over 50% of the population, and we always get the.....shaft. *wink* LOL. We need some representation, and with the Harper governments, we have had none. 

I have been laughing about so many of these whiny assed columns. Coyne was showing promise....But yanno


Smoke! smoke! smoke! that andouillette!


andouillette f ‎(plural andouillettes) 

A piece of andouille; a small spiced pork sausage.

Will preserved meats become the next tobacco?

Now that the science is in, how many are going to stop eating meat?  In particular preserved and smoked meats....Many people are talking about that report that was recently released. The meat industry is already gearing up for an offensive, and I have been kind of half chuckling about how that could look. 

Will the Fraser Institute release a report that second hand lunchables are NOT carcinogenic? How many "doctors" will be popping up to say that they prefer maple leaf hot dogs? Oh yes I had to go there. 



Ok. The Love-in is over. Now for some real TRASH TALK.

Let's clean up! (A link heavy post!)

No one has been listening to the majority of us these last 10 years. Really. Harper only listened to those who had a bank account big enough, or enough hatred to fill a swimmin' pool.

Now that there appears to be grown ups at then helm, we need to clear away the tearstained Conservative playbooks, the stale cheetos, Bev Oda's cigarette butts and the abridged health'n'wealth prosperity bibles......We need get to work on the things we can do to restore our country to some semblance of justice and sanity. 

Keystone XL. No one wants that except some big wigs at the oil companies. The more people understand about it, the less they like it. Tankers in BC? BCers think this is not a good item. Those of us in BC coastal communities are very much opposed. I think we actually deserve some say in this. 

C-51? Toss it in the trash with Pat Martin's tighty whities. It cannot be "fixed".

TPP. If people finally learn what is in it? something about selling off crown corporations, like the Conservatives did to the Canada Saudi wheat board. Much rumbling about taking in US tainted milk.....Me thinks they will turf that with Harper's photos of Justin Trudeau, the ones with the bullseyes and dart holes all over them.....

There are some major restorations/additions to be done as well.

Conduct a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women. FFS. That is a non brainer.

Restore the word EQUALITY to the Status of Women in Canada mandate. Give us back the court challenges program! Yanno, it never went away anyway, it was just changed to the 'Harper dont like them there laws so lets take it court on the public dime program. ' We have spent millions, all on the side of WRONG. 

I am sure that this list could go on for days with all that we have lost.

So what does all that mean? It means we keep organizing, keep educating. Keep TALKING about these things. Apathy has gotten us into this mess, and relaxing now certainly will not keep us from going there again.

The Liberals are not a left wing party. They are fiscally corporate, but without the regressive social baggage. Keep in mind always that poverty is harmful to everyone, and the only way to fix many things is to ensure financial security for all. We will need to ride them like a horse to get many things done. 

I always loved this quote:

'A nation of sheep soon begets a government of wolves.'  Edward R. Murrow

Do not be a sheep, apparently that also makes one more attractive to conservatives. Just sayin.



Consensus. Being reasonable, and Harpers "tea party"


There are lots of pundits telling us that the difference between Harper and Trudeau will be listening skills, delegation, and respect. 

I like all of that as well. (These last ten years the chain of command has been the PMO making decisions,  and then some memos telling every ministry how to behave. )

But. And there is always a huge BUT. 

Remember when Obama was elected in the US, and he was gonna listen to all ideas and come to a consensus with all sides represented?

"If the tone I set is that we bring [enough] intellectual firepower to a problem, that people act respectfully towards each other, that disagreements are fully aired, and that we make decisions based upon facts and evidence as opposed to ideology, … people will adapt to that culture and we'll be able to move together effectively as a team."

How did that work out?  Nothing happened for a very long time in the US, the fight for something like Obamacare was a circus of lies and misinformation. They eat up precious time trying to kill it over and over again.  Obama had great ideas, but so much time was wasted with the trash talk that there was no way to actually build a consensus.

As if begging for a Groundhog Day joke, House Republicans will vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act again on Tuesday. It'll be the 56th shot they've taken at the law, and just like every other time they've tried to erase President Obama's signature achievement, this attempt is doomed to fail. Republicans have nowhere near the veto-proof majority they'd need to kill Obamacare.

The Tea party controlled senate shut down the government. 

Recall the rogue Prorogues? Cause Harper didn't like coalitions or questions, so he just cut off the Government. 

Harper listened to the voices in his head, and the least scientific ones out there in the wild. He killed data and facts. He has spent millions of OUR money challenging court decisions. The level of absurdity has always boggled my mind.  People have been dying when there are better ways to deal with addiction, scientifically vetted with hard data, and the Harper Government has spent years and many dollars fighting against those truths. 

So. This is 2015, and there is a sane, reasonable sounding person in charge of the Governing party.  Will he listen to some of the more leftward people along with the science and the data, or will he capitulate to the whackadoo Conservative types? Will he be distracted by the nonsensical and amazingly stoopid things that Harper supporters have thrown at us over the years? 

We shall see. But I think that unless the person talking has the actual data, and the facts and evidence to back them up? We need to wipe them off our shoes. Climate change denial is a great example of the Harper misinformation machine at work. John Oliver explained that the best:

Canada's version of the tea party, has been running the show, now it is time for Harper's "pee party" to shut up and sit down.  Unless they magically can provide actual proof of the crap they spew, they should be shunned. 

But tell that to the corporate media eh? They have spent a lot of the last 10 years telling us it is raining prosperity, when all we have felt is.......ya. You get it. It was NOT tea.  

Thanks for standing by.... Canada will now resume our regular programming.



Well, that was a long fucking blip into right wing conservative knuckle dragging mouth breathing bible thumping asshattery. With the FULL support of the traditional media and corporate Canada. Let us not let those fuckers off the hook. 

What have we lost? Lakes and streams, scientific research libraries, lives, medical care, livelihoods....It is a long list and I am sure we will discover a lot more in the coming months. 

Our innocence. 

The international community seems happy, they can now deal with something more substantive than lego man. 

There are issues with this new government, C-51, Keystone XL and a few other right wing goodies. But, at least now many of us are not feeling like we will become the dissapeared for talking about it. 

I saw a picture on FB this morning, of Trudeau speaking from the National press gallery, and it moved me to tears. Seriously, the Harper administration has been so closed down and so secretive and so fascist like, we have not had any contact with those that WE employ. I also read today of the fact that the PM's home, is falling apart and needs millions in repairs. This was known a very long time ago, but Harper said.....And this blows me away......

The prime minister's office responded in 2008 that Stephen Harper had no intention of moving out of the official residence until his term was up. The report found the windows, plumbing, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning at 24 Sussex Drive  are all in poor to critical condition.  The home also has no fire sprinklers and contains asbestos, which has been linked to disease, including lung cancer.. 

Some may see that as stuborness. I see it this way: The man that so many trusted with this country, was perfectly happy to let it crumble and rot into the ground.  The PM's residence is something that belongs to us, the people of Canada. It is supposed to be treated with respect and returned to us when there is a change in PM. Harper, does not care for our traditions, values or even our symbols.  He wanted to destroy everything Canadian, and we have so much work to do now. 

I am happy to be a is it that Harper put it so many years ago? 

"Canada appears content to become a second-tier socialistic country, boasting ever more loudly about its economy and social services to mask its second-rate status ..."

He was perfectly happy to try to become a lowest tier Banana Republic, owned by corporations, and completely beholden to the US. 

And to all those hardass Conservative voters, some who are threatening to separate from the rest of Canada....Something I said in 2010 about Harper supporters....

Just fucking marvelous.

Get out the CLEAN jelly glasses Ethel Mae, the Pee-Em is gonna be on the tee vee, and he's a gonna play the spoons and talk about some Ekonimik stuff! If'n he plays little brown jug, hes got my vote!


Now. Ya'll can just fuck the hell off. :) Seriously. The grown ups have a voice now. 


Smoke 'em if you got 'em....

I am going to work today, but will be watching the news on my breaks. When I get home, I want to see this long nightmare over. 

You know? Where less than 40% of those that actually voted pretend they have a mandate to destroy our country?

Good luck to us all. We need it right about now. 




This is not a game. RANT MODE ON!

I have said this before. And if no one sees the serious situation Canada is in by now......

I'm an undeclared, unaffiliated voter. I couldn't give a rat's ass what party you are in, as long as it's not the Conservatives, or the Christian cowfuckers coalition.

If you are a progressive? WE should all be wanting similar things. On the left we should all have similar basics:

A belief in the sovereignty of Canada, and an understanding of the rest of the world and a desire to work with other counties in the best interests of all. (this includes the environment kids!) A desire to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

A commitment to Social Justice, and economic justice.

A FIRM resolve to keep government the hell away from our bedrooms. Consenting adults? Bite me. Go away. No one has any godamned business dictating sexual orientation, nor whom we can or cannot marry.

We need to demand, that women's rights are sacrosanct, including reproductive liberties and work related issues. Violence against women is something that will not be tolerated in society. Children and education. NOT on the fucking table except to improve services.

Those are the basics. But there is such an atmosphere of UBER wonkiness. A Pissing contest that is simply not going to accomplish anything but a similar fate that we have had to live through for the last 9 years. That's where under 40% percent of the actual voters-  the wingnuts, the authoritarians, and the corporatist's dictate to over 60 percent (these are just the people that bothered to vote) of us.

The tyranny of the minority. IS IT PRETTY? Some used to say, ah well, let them win. In a couple years everyone will have had enough, they can't fuck it up too much.

Have a great time in la la fucking land. We have seen what deregulation will do when it comes to the food chain. Try nuclear fucking power. Lakes, streams and waterways? Now disposal areas. Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.  The CBC is up for sale! Killed because they want us to be like the US, their beloved SUN tee vee bit the dust, and they don't like.......reporting. Such Bullshit.

The people, REGULAR citizens are AGAIN organizing. Vote swaps, organized strategic voting. Do ya THINK they are worried? Want more? Just think on all the sneaky underhanded BULLSHIT that has been going on. Get over yourselves. Liberals, NDP, green? I don't FUCKING care. Get your SHIT together and play nice. When the Cons are relegated back to their caves, THEN you can all go back to slamming and sliming one another.

Mr Trudeau? COALITION. Get over it. This is not the time or the place. 

Fuck.  Grow. the. FUCK. up. 

The Harper Conservatives release their Cook(ed) Book!

The Harpercons are releasing a cookbook today, as a compliment to the latest budget numbers. 

It includes favourite recipes used by Conservative Finance Ministers throughout Canadian history!

The sample recipe provided by the PMO, is amazing. It shows how you can truly create something out of absolutely nothing! Is your pantry empty of actual food stocks? Let Joe Oliver's amazing recipe illustrate that there really is a way to make a meal out of smoke, and mirrors!


Joe's poor Squirrel stew


5 roadkill squirrels (10 if they are small ones)

1 gallon of the tears of the unemployed, who were denied EI. (Best gathered fresh, especially bitter. )

25 tongues freshly gathered from muzzled government scientists. (they didnt need them anymore anyway)

35 tablespoons of algae bloom, gathered from lake Eerie

a rasher of contaminated bacon.

5 Smoked two headed salmon. (smoked over the forest fires in Sask and BC)

2 buckets of Imported vegetables, that have been blessed by hypocritical baptists. 


Put all the ingredients into a pot. Stir with a cane. Simmer slowly over a low fire. Paper burns at a low temperature. There is an abundance at the moment from uneeded scientific libraries. 

Ready in 6 hours.  pour into molds. The algae blooms provide a lovely thickener.

Refrigerate in the PMO war room fridge. After 10 hours, relase from molds onto plates. 

When presenting this dish, sprinkle liberally with bitumen and a bucket of melted cheese. Serve with Tim Hortons coffee prepared by Jerry Bance. It is the PERFECT compliment. Its a crowd pleaser!




Unsocial media

It seems, that every day as of late, someone in this Canadian election campaign has been kicked out of somewhere based on their social media comments. Some of the comments have been from several years ago. 

There are people out there with way too much time on their hands, so they go combing through the archives, probably for hours and hours.

You smell cheetos? I sure do. 

Ain't the Internetz GREAT!? Not like Vegas. Not at all like Vegas. 

There is a new one just today as a matter of fact. 

In 2013, Davies commented on Facebook that marijuana reduces family violence and that growing it in a home poses no harm to children. She also wrote that the Canadian Cancer Society is "another outlet for big pharma."

Kinda conspiracy sounding. Her statements unfortunately also let the Harpercons spew their own anti science-non factual dreck in response. 

There have also been some Hilarious social media FAILs.

On the left side of the political spectrum, it is normal to point and laugh at Con Fails- and we do it spectacularly. I think it is also the fact that we are handed so much awesome fodder by a Government so hell bent on message control that they fail to understand how EVERYTHING they post will play to those with an actual sense of humour, and a bone to pick.  And them pesky "facts" of course. 

Post a lie with a typo? Fun for many. Delicious amounts of fun apparently. 

The Harpercons also had to learn a hard lesson early in August about their hardcore message control and social media......They probably thought it was a great plan to avoid gaffes and the like. But just banning social media at events was a gaffe in and of itself. 

Then there are the players in the Con party who screw up on National Television and that, becomes Social media fodder. 

Pee in a cup. A whole new genre during an election! Potty humour went off the rails for a few days. 

ANGRY OLD Harperconservative,  calling media names whilst defending his great leader with "facts" that do not even apply to the case at hand. The poor old dear seemed so lost and confused. And angry.  He became an internet sensation that will probably pop up for many years to come. 

Who will win this new battle of social media? 

Dunno yet, but the Harpercons ain't laughing. 

Life is a reality tee vee circus, the facts and the truth do not matter.  And Stephen and his merry band'o'asshats? They brought us to this place where it is all about the game. 

Vote. Like your life depends on it. 

The way things are going? Um. Ya. 





Gimme Shelter......

 Trudeau just stepped into a large mess. The NDP AND the Conservatives have decided to poo pah all over some statements that Trudeau made in an interview...I had to go re-inform myself what the definition for a "small business"  is.....(declaration: I am an unaffiliated voter. But I actually look at some of these statements and things with the help of MR Google. I like the FACTS. )

  What is the definition of a small business in Canada?

  1 to 4 employees: Micro-enterprise 

 5 to 100: Small business 

 101 to 499: Medium-sized business

 500-plus: Large business

 (Source: Industry Canada) <------------( this was;  Inudstry Canada on the CBC. On a 4 yr old article.)  

SO what is the Kerfuffle about exactly?

 It gets convoluted. Lets turn to a math problem to solve this one, OK kids? I hope I am getting this right, I am a member of the lower rungs of the infamous 99% who are considered the "working poor" and my little blonde head does budgeting with completely different numbers.....

Philip Von Foofdah makes $5 Million a year, his salary. He is the CEO of a company that produces astroturf. 

His family cannot possibly pay the astronomical amount of personal taxes he would owe, as that would cause him to lose one of his vacation properties in Whistler. He may even have to pay the foreign nanny he has working in the kitchen less per hour. Heaven to betsy! Philip's tax Guru, tells him it is easy to pay far less taxes, maybe even show a loss once in a while!

 Philip incorporates himself, and falls under the Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPC) rules. He is now a small business! 

He makes his eldest children from his first and second marriages, shareholders. Bunny, Buffy, Kitty and Flopsy become stakeholders in PHILIP INC. His latest wife, is paid as an employee for dictation services. *blink* 

Now, Philip can claim small business expenses on all of his properties, his cars, and all of his vacations. He can claim The foreign nanny now, as a subcontractor-perhaps?  The family gathering in Bermuda this year was claimed as an expense, because as the family sat down to dinner they discussed the business of PHILIP INC.

"Daddy, did you decide what colour you are going to paint the cabin in Whistler?"

How much tax does PHILIP INC pay? (answer: Not a fuck of a lot)

 Is this actually happening as Trudeau says? My little scenario is simplified, tax code is far more complex, and probably a lot more infuriating......

 There are actual studies with the data pointing to similar scenarios.

An article from last year: 

 “You’ve got people who would ordinarily be receiving a big salary and they’re able to flow their income through a company and they get to pay tax at 25 per cent or less rather than 50 per cent in the top marginal tax bracket.” 

 "In 2010, there was a $48 billion increase in retained earnings within CCPCs, the study found. “This income was owned by someone, but is not included in the conventional income distribution statistics.” 

At the end of the day, the average Canadian making 50,000 per year is probably paying a far higher tax rate.

REAL Small business' ARE great for jobs and the economy. They have legitimate expenses and they deserve tax breaks that are designed to help them grow and perhaps hire more people. Win win!

 "CCPC's" like PHILIP INC? They deserve nothing, and I think that the Liberals better get this info out there fast as Canadians know some funny business is afoot, but not how  prevalent it really is.

Someone tell Mulcair too, he seems confused as to what side the NDP should be on.  

 Harper?  That dude is reportedly worth $5 million. He has never held a real job beyond being a blowhard for corporate Canada so it had to all come from somewhere? It could be because he gets us to pay -or partly pay for a lot of stuff, meals, hairstyles, his campaign ads....... Wonder what Laureen's title would be for a Harper owned CCPC?

 This is where I start giggling. 

 Gimme shelter.  I need it, and it is getting harder for the rest of us to cover  our own shelter because we are paying their share too. 

Libs and Cons make pronouncements.....AHEM!

IF elected, the Harpercons have announced that they will:

A re-elected Conservative government would give a boost to some families trying to save money for post-secondary education, Tory Leader Stephen Harper said Tuesday.

Harper committed to doubling the federal contribution to additional Canada Education Savings Grants — the supplemental grant that low and middle-income families can apply for once they have taken out a registered education savings plan (RESP).

Let's see......MY RESP money goes towards totally superfluous stuff like food and clothes and all the stuff that kids need to live day to day.  I do not know too many people that are doing otherwise. 


Justin Trudeau sayz that if elected he will:

The Liberals say if they form a government after the Oct. 19 election, they would reduce EI premiums from $1.88 per $100 earned to $1.65 starting in 2017.

There are some actual common sense items in JT's latest announcement, EI has been monkeyed with a lot in the last decade and it's more of a tax on the paycheque now. The Cons tell us it is an "entitlement". (Tea bagger speak for lazy-on-the-dole. With yer own money)

But? Ya. Always a but......

The EI fund. Also known to Liberal and Conservative Governments as the "Cookie jar".

Who stole the cookies? They all did. 

Silly season. Buying votes with yer own money! A Canadian tradition. 



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