Who's Most "Accountable" Now?

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A report from Halifax has struck me like a blow and resurfaced the hurt I experienced a few years ago. It's the report of Rosamond Luke, former Tory candidate and Harpercon favourite, who as Executive Director of a group whose mandate was to help low-income immigrant women, unaccountably helped herself to federal funds instead.

You see, a similar thing happened to WISE, the group which I founded and whose membership was women in poverty like myself. In the four short years of its existence, WISE grew into a national movement. We worked to help each other and our families and to lead change in our communities.

Unlike the group from Halifax, WISE didn't fold - then, when our own version of Rosamond Luke did her thing - and our project went on. But more than that differentiates what happened to us and our project, and the painful events likely still being endured by the Halifax group.

Shifting or Shafted ??

This isn't a journal suggesting action, or pumping a party. It's a rumination of the centrepiece of the Liberal platform - the Green Shift.

Dion says it it can be summarized in 6 words - “cut income taxes, shift to pollution.”.

It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place.

H. L. Mencken

Sarah Palin- The Remix

I know, I know, it's been a while. And I can't promise I'll be back all that much. But the combination of poor sleep the last few nights and the trainwreck that was the RNC has me at a point where I just can't take the bullshit anymore.Outright lies will be bolded, and smears and half-truths will be in italics

Sarah Palin's 2008 RNC VP Speech:

More bloodletting at Canadian Heritage

Canada’s New Government is not only shifty but liars to boot. Department of Canadian Heritage denied that they were cutting critical programs and made the bogus claim that they were actually investing more than the previous Liberal government.

Exhibit A: From the Globe and Mail’s August 18, 2008 report, Culture hung out to dry:

Late last week, the federal Minister of Heritage, Josée Verner, was dispatched to swear up and down that the government has no intention of cutting the cultural sector out of its budget, and that decisions to eliminate grant programs were based on a value-for-money assessment of their performance.

The minister's assurances were entirely unconvincing. The federal government has proposed no replacement for any of the programs it has ended, leaving Canada's cultural organizations out to dry.

Domestic Spying In Canada: It Happened And It Is Still Happening

I'll say it again: no one is safe and gratuitous, warrantless domestic spying is happening in Canada as well. Still not sure about this? Then I give you three "blasts from the past" articles for good measure.
First, from May 1999 (links and emphasis added):

Canada a key snooper in huge spy network
Report says alliance is able to intercept nearly any message
by Jim Bronskill

Canada belongs to a global spy network capable of snooping on virtually every type of communication, from long-distance phone calls to Internet e-mail, says a newly published study.

Domestic Spying In Canada: Here We Are

Why am I not surprised at all by this (emphasis mine):
Ontario Provincial Police used emergency wiretaps to eavesdrop on four people during last summer's Aboriginal Day of Action, skirting the normal need for court approval, the CBC has learned.

(...) Under the law, most wiretaps need a judge's approval but police can act on their own in extreme emergencies if they suspect the targets of the surveillance are about to commit serious crimes.

(Edit/Addendum: I noticed that the CBC article I link to here has been extensively re-written since first writing the current post, effectively destroying the two paragraphs I highlighted herein. Nevertheless, the same relevant information can be found sparsed throughout the re-written version now being displayed by CBC. In any case, the extensive additional information provided in this re-written version further corroborates/supports my points and questions outlined below.)

Sorry folks - but I told you so:


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