Why am I permitted .... donate blood.

For a number of reasons. I haven't lived for six months in England or France since 1980 ( vCJD risk ). I haven't given money or drugs for sex ( HIV risk ). I haven't had sex with someone I don't know the sexual history of - ie: hookers ( HIV risk ). I have not used a needle to inject drugs ( HIV risk ). I have never been to Chad or a number of other African nations ( HIV risk ). I have never had a job or a hobby where I handled or cared for monkeys ( God only knows what risk )

Oh yeah, and I haven't had sex with a man, even once, since 1977.

Jazz legend Oscar Peterson dies at age 82

I opened my email today and found an alert from the CBC stating that this true piano playing genius has left this earth to go join that incredible jam session in the sky.

For those of you unfamiliar with jazz, Oscar was one of the legends of jazz piano. He was born in Montreal and went on to play the world. He was a performer in the Jazz at the Philharmonic sessions and concerts (which had to cancel shows in the 40s and 50s rather than play in front of a segregated audience)

Where's the pendulum ?

We recently had an election in Saskatchewan. The NDP incumbents fell and the Saskatchewan Party won a majority. The Sask Party is from the right side of the spectrum, pro-business and hopeful that everyone can find their bootstraps enough to use them.
Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan's natural governing party, the NDP, has been pretty labour friendly. Quebec is the only province that has been more labour friendly.

While campaigning the Sask. Party said labour legislation would be looked at in consultation with interested parties.

Stunning: Scientific American zapped

Have a look at this article over at Scientific American! TASER Seeks to Zap Safety Concerns by Larry Greenemeier

Scientific American for God's sakes!

When did Scientific American become the public relations arm of the stun gun industry? What happened to the science in Scientific?

The only expert quoted is Steven Ashley, former police officer, stun gun industry consultant, and a guy who works for two stun gun manufacturers. Without bias? I think not.

World AIDS Day

Oh fer gawds sake, it seems my post is too short for this site, I need at least 200 words to make it work. I don't have 200 bloody words so I'll just to bitch and ramble until I do. Let's hope the html from my other site works on this one. Oh what the hell, I'm using placeholder copy below.

Here is one of my favourite performers of all time -- Annie Lennox doing what she does best.

Annie Lennox: SING: World AIDS Day 2007

The statistics in the video are remarkable when you consider how easily preventable the disease is if it weren't for ignorance, apathy and so-called religious morality.

[Filler, if you can read this, you need to get out more]

If there be trouble may it be in my time. So my children need not suffer. (part II)

Corporations and cartels thereof, are the true rulers. What's really gets to me is; they get away with it. One of the great corporate tools is called, Psychology-based Communication. First developed by an Austrian from Adolf Hitler's generation. Edward Bernays, nephew of none other than Sigmund Freud. Bernays was the one who took Freud's insights and created the science of mass persuasion.


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