The Evil librul left wing conspiracy and Cruel times.

Cruel times......This is the phrase that runs through my head so oft now. 

For the last few years many of us have noticed the violent rhetoric coming from the right wing of the political spectrum. According to them it is the angry left that is the cause of all violence, I mean, there is never any evidence put forward to support that, but it is like most of what they say, they simply pull sh*t outta their hats.

I occasionally read a writer from the US by the name of Jeffery Feldman. He posts on DKos, Frameshop, and The Huffington post. Mr Feldman has been talking about the violent hate speech that is being promoted by American media such as FOX, right wing radio, and supposed pundits.

Fear the LIBRULS! They want to destroy 'merica! they say. From February 2007:

In his newest book, The Enemy at Home, Republican ideologue Dinesh D'Souza calmly explains that liberals in America caused 9/11, whereupon he recommends that we do to liberals what we are doing to terrorists:  fight a war against them. 

While he never comes right out and says that Americans should kill liberals, D'Souza's book shuttles his reader swiftly to that conclusion.  By defining liberals as a "hidden" second front of terrorism, D'Souza's book invokes a very simple, widely held idea in America:  that "War on Terror" means first and foremost, "kill terrorists."  Thus, The Enemy at Home gives intellectual legitimacy to a widely accepted, rapidly growing Republican tendency to frame national security in terms of killing Democrats.

Often, many on the left do not call these people on what they say and condemn it, they receive legitimizing attention through the media. Coulter is another one who we all understand is actually condoning violence, but she still appears on book covers, she still appears on the Cable newz show circuit.

Why are some so afraid to denounce them? More from Mr Feldman:

And while many on the left cannot see it--are afraid or unwilling or unable to understand--the most visionary solutions of the left have taken form of policies that seek to reassert American power where Bush has misapplied American violence.

Russ Feingold's ideas, John Murtha's ideas--these are proposals that seek to reestablish America's historic and unprecedented ability to make others work in concert with us, and to restore the true value of state violence as a temporary measure to protect--not try to produce--American power in the world.

The unwillingness of Democrats to back these proposals is, unfortunately, an a likely indicator that there is no clear discussion unfolding in American government--either on the right or the left--about the relationship between power, violence and American policy.  Ours should be a policy based on power, not violence. 

But there are more indicators here that make me a tad nervous about the direction the angry violent right is taking.....

The media has been largely responsible for being irresponsible. We all know it is true, the evidence piles up daily. They say they report, but they do so with little to no questions. Its more like stenography of the party line supplied by the corporations that own them. The same corporations that will do just about anything to prop up the current governments in the US and Canada. The  free market Friendly (but destructive to humans) practises must continue at all costs. Calling those who question the veracity of the Occupations of Iraq and The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan traitorous, hidden within "statements". 

There is also the reporting of crime. Crime has decreased in Canada over the last 30 years. We can prove this with the numbers. We can say with certainty, that people are now safer than they were before. But if you look at the newspapers, and the Tee Vee.....

Crime all the time. Crime in your home, crime in the streets. The bad guys are going to kill us.  They are coming to get you, and take all your STUFF.
Does anyone really believe that they are NOT trying to scare us?

This manufactured fear has left us vulnerable to things like.....The stun guns. People are scared and are then much more open to ideas like a police state with cops who are completely blameless no matter what they do. Even cases like this one, are dismissed. The tragedy of Mr Dziekanski is always vexing to me. There are those still trying to justify and excuse what happened, don't trust your lyin' eyes.

We read about the crazy no fly list and unreasonable search stories, and wonder when this insanity will end. Does it make you think twice about travelling to another country? It does me.

There is a willingness to simply allow state sponsored spying and look the other way. Just let em do it. IT'S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

There is another factor here in my mind. Economics. Can anyone be so stupid as to actually believe that Conservative economic policies are responsible, and......Conservative? Increasing the corporate welfare state, undermining the health and safety net of Millions. Spending money like there is no tomorrow, while offering small insignificant tax breaks. Historically, Left leaning governments are much more fiscally responsible, this is also fact if one bothers to actually look. Conservative governments run massive deficits through their spend spend-cut-cut policies. It is obvious here in Canada, if one only looks at the Mulroney years, and the ensuing fallout. Look at the deficit the HarperCONS have created, in just over two years? (And I think Flaherty is probably hiding some more.....He has truthiness and accounting issues)

When times are lean, jobs are fewer, people lose everything and look for someone to blame. Times grow more violent. Also proved over and over in domestic and child abuse rates. Some studies have shown it has even more insidious effects...

"Perhaps the least powerful group - the one least in a position to retaliate
- is the most likely to receive the aggression" or, alternatively, she said,
"perhaps there is a "visual boundary" that makes it generally easier for groups
to target African Americans."

  • National, regional or local economic downturns increase ethnic violence and protests against it. In some situations, employers purposely replaced workers of one ethnic group with workers of a newer group to reduce pay rates.
  • In the 1965-85 time period, police were the second-most frequent social group attacked during race and ethnic unrest.

Why? Why would anyone desire to cause such instability? 

And when you create such havoc, you need someone to blame, right?

In this time and place, the finger pointing is at the brown people, the immigrants, and.....The liberals....

I think, all the instances I have outlined above are all part and parcel with the angry hate rhetoric that has been nurtured by the media, the "pundits" and the conservative governments.
The kind of things that appeal to those that accept lies willingly and blindly. Fear is a powerful tool. Those people are then so obliging about giving up all their rights and freedoms so they can be kept "safe" by a police nanny state, that they lose sight of the fact they are supposedly against a police nanny state.

Blogs and online comments sections are kind of a microcosm of public sentiment. Each comment and blogpost does represent a certain segment of the population, it only stands to reason......

Some of it is getting uglier. (Is that possible?) I was poking around today, for the reactions on the Tennessee shooting....From Alternet, a post about the reactions at a blog called Freerepublic.

(quote from freerepublic) How is this a hate crime? ... (The gunman's) anger, from this excerpt, appears to have been with church leadership which taught acceptance and celebration of sinful activities. So it could be construed as a difference of opinion in religious doctrine.(endquote from freerepublic)

This is the voice of Ulster America, the line that has been breeding true, unfortunately, for hundreds of years. Maybe it's time we faced that fact that many millions of our fellow Americans think like Weegee -- millions of little Ian Paisleys with a slightly different accent.

They then go on to actually blame the liberals, it's a LIBRUL conspiracy.....

This guy is no more a true constervative [sic] than Timothy McVey [sic] was. Conservatives don't commit acts of terrorism. I won't believe this until the killer's actual letter is released. It could be the sheriff is a liberal himself and is saying these things to smear conservatives. Could be a liberal disguised as a conservative in order to give conservatives a bad rap.

Someone has noticed a certain media.....absence in covering the story of the Tennessee shooter. 

A post from May 2007, called "Destructive anger" by Sapphocrat outlines how those with a bully pulpit say such horrible hateful things, and get away with it. Men of "god". An interesting read, and very thought provoking.

Crime and the police state= private prison Industrial complex? Occupation and the Military Industrial complex, and never ending, no bid-corporate wars. Hating your neighbour, divide and conquer....Someone is making money off all this hatred. Someone, is cashing in on all this festering, obnoxious, divisiveness.

Its all just show-business though. It's just a joke?..No one would ever act on any of this hateful rhetoric? Perhaps not in a vacumn, but as I have outlined, there are many, many things happening here all at once.

I get pretty pissed off at most of the intentionally destabilizing stuff that the CONS pull here, I have never once called for violence. My poisoned pen may at times turn the air blue, I can be uncivil? ( to some that's oh so much more of a crime than calling for the deaths of others.)....But not once...Have I ever condoned any sort of action that may bring physical harm.

With the recent tragedy in Tennessee, there has been some amount of reflection on the causes of it here on the left.

The guy was nuts. Most definitely. But he knew what he was doing was wrong, we know he planned a "suicide by cop". He wrote a letter blaming the liberals and teh gays for all his troubles in life.
In my mind, those books he was reading were only a small part of the cause.
Nothing happens all on it's own. There are so many pieces to this puzzle, and they are trying very hard to keep us from putting them all together.

These are indeed, cruel times.

Manufacturedly so.