Cry me a f*cking river......

Ezra-Irrelevant is still crying the bluez. Does anyone even care? (well. normal people I mean)

Now his shtick is that he was exonerated (despite what many consider being a class A-Prick and going out of his way to cause a kerfuffle based on insulting another religion. Yup, no one thought this tribunal would go anywhere anyway) but he's been punished anyway.

He's out $100,000 dollars. (Lots of us question if much of it was by choice as opposed to need. He's a lawyer?)

And truth be told?

I'll betcha he's feeling a bit let down. I think That reported $100,000 was more of an investment for him really.
What's that you say? Yup, I personally believe that he wanted to have the commission come out against him. I think it's all part of his martyr complex. POOR ME....He's been feeding his ego off this for quite a while now.

Just as a refresher? Recall Ezra telling the US Congress that Canada should be on a human rights watch list?

....Before our magazine even hit the streets, a radical imam named Syed Soharwardy asked the police to arrest me – for blaspheming against Islam. The police didn’t, of course. But the Alberta “human rights commission”, a government agency, accepted Soharwardy’s complaint, and then an identical one from the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities. The government has been investigating me ever since, including summoning me to a 90-minute interrogation. According to access to information documents, no fewer than 15 bureaucrats are working on my case.

[BOOGA BOOGA! sorry, can't resist]

I’m a major crime scene!
Since then, Canada’s largest news magazine, called Maclean’s – our equivalent to Time magazine – was sued in three different human rights commissions for writing about the demographic growth of Islam in the West......

Go read the whole fucking train wreck here if you can stomach it. I have never seen such bullshit, anywhere outside of a cattle barn.

How about Ezra's impassioned defence of Lard Black, and avarice and greed? Cause....Oy. Does Ezra pine to be American or what....?

"Watching two days of Conrad Black's trial is a demoralizing experience for anyone who loves America and loves the law."
Ezra Levant

Dr Frink reminded me of this blogpost today, Lard Black, Ezra, and ummmm.... in  Parts 1, and part 2....Just IGNORE the portrait of Hitler in the room. LALALALALALA.

The "media" and RWA blogs are saying that they are happy with this Human rights commission decision, and that there is real "freedom of the press" with it's dismissal.

No one really doubts that.

Too FUCKING bad they don't actually use it. They have a special piece in the charter guaranteeing that, but 90% of them would probably jump like fucking rabbits if they vary from the faxes, and the ruling minority government sayz, BOO!
Its odd, how they don't condemn or question the Harpercrites nearly as hard for their litigiousness against the opposition? Isn't that ignoring an attack on freedom of speech and supposed democracy?

The Traditional Corporate media, and Ezra-Irrelevant and his followers are all oddly silent on this case that is still going on btw. They only want freedom of speech for themselves....No one else counts? EH? INDY media and the bloggers are pretty much the main coverage on this one. Then there is this case, still pending. The Freedum uh! My speech crowd has been mostly actively ignoring it as well....

So, ya see. Ezra-Irrelevant won the day. He can be an insulting little prick and knowingly offend anyone he wants to. The system works. Now Ezra is blue. There's no sainthood forthcoming.  But I betcha he could get a gig in Branson. 



You know how those conservative freedum uh speech warriors operate? Free for me, but not for thee! (you would be "thee") lol If you believe you can tell me what to think, I believe I can tell you where to go......

But but but

He's a hero, a freedom fighter, the champ! Give him 12 million $, put up a statue of him in the town square! BARF!!!
He's a drama queen. "90-minute interrogation"Cry -- all he had to do was fire off an email to them. BIG WHOOP.

I keep imagining....

In-Ter-Igator: I say, would you like some tea or coffee old chap? And then we can discuss this complaint....

Ezra-Irrelevant: IS the TEA poisoned? That light! Its too bright...Have mercy!!!

In-Ter-Igator: well, its just red rose, and that is just the light from the window? I say old chap, are you alright? You look a tad....sweaty? Would you like a peppermint?

Ezra-Irrelevant: Peppermint? In my EYES! ARE YOU FACISTS! OK. DO what you must, you will not break me!

In-Ter-Igator: You are not looking at all well old chap, would you like us to call someone?


If you believe you can tell me what to think, I believe I can tell you where to go......


all he had to do was fire off an email to them.

There was no reason at all to 'spend $100,000'. He just wanted a circus where he could feel like the ringmaster. Even though you & I both agree the complaint was without merit it's hard to feel any sympathy for him for the financial woes he brought upon himself.

Everything's cheaper than it looks.

financial woes ....?

If indeed there are financial woes and not simply some 'creative' accounting involved.