Fetus fetishists lie and distort. In other news, sun rises in East

42 religious groups filed a complaint seeking to removal of Justice Beverly McLaghlin from the Supreme Court, alleging that it's all her fault that their nemesis (real) Dr. Henry Morgentaler was appointed to the Order of Canada.   Never mind the fact that it's not true.

"Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin defended her role Saturday in the controversial appointment of Henry Morgentaler to the Order of Canada, shedding light on the secret process that awarded the abortion-rights doctor the prestigious distinction.

Ms. McLachlin, as head of a Governor General's advisory council that selects Order of Council recipients, said she abstained from voting on the July nomination, despite "misinformation" that she was the driving force behind Mr. Morgentaler's appointment." [...]

"Ms. McLachlin also disputed news reports that it was unusual for the advisory council to vote on a candidate and the group usually reaches a decision unanimously.

"There has been no practice of consensus," said Ms. McLachlin. Rather, the group routinely votes on a nomination and she said she has only voted once to break a tie."

Wow, 42 groups!  That sounds legitimate, like there must be a whole lot of people involved in this protest!  Legit like, say, Charles McVety's Honorarious Docter degrees.   Enter Buckets.

Forty-two groups may seem impressive. But as is often the case with these people, there is less here than is claimed. You can see the list and complaint in a pdf here, or over at Benediction, and if you look you'll find "David Murrell, Phd, UNB, Economics" -- who is clearly not a group, but an individual.

And some of those listed aren't groups, but private businesses. Consider these three:

* A.J. Slinger Service
* Can Am Fabricating and Welding
* Can American Stone Spreader

That's not all. If you click on the links you'll see that these three businesses share the same address: 156 Berryman Ave, St. Catharines.  Presumably this is one pro-life business owner.

Hmmm.   Looks like Buckets has found another "group" claiming more than one incarnation.

The same point can probably be made about this pair, which are 22nd and 23rd in the list.

* Eternally Yours Radio and Telecast Ministry.
* Eternity Club.

As you can see if you click on the links, these are both part of the same ministry, run by faith healer Rev. Audrey Mabley, who is (are?) the nice lady (ladies?) to the right.

And heeeeere's the DOCTER himself!

* Canada Christian College
* Evangelical Association
* Institute for Canadian Values.

Canada Christian College is an evangelical bible college and seminary (wikipedia article here). The college and its president, Charles McVety, have been at the vanguard of the social conservative movement in recent years. The College is located in Toronto at 50 Gervais Drive, and its phone number is 416-391-5000.


Now, this rather looks like between the two of them, McVety and Thomas have attempted to make one organization (CCC) look like three. The Evangelical Association seems to function as a credentialling department for the College, while the Institute is a think-tank located there. The fact that they share an address and phone-number makes them look too closely related to be listed independently.

And more doctering of the numbers

The 19th group listed in among Rushfeld's "forty-two Canadian organizations" is Christians United for Israel. Its web page (here) gives its address and phone number as 50 Gervais Drive, Toronto, and (416) 391-5000, which are identical to Canada Christian College, the Evangelical Association, and the Institute for Canadian Values (as I showed here).

According to a page at its site, "Charles McVety is President of Canada Christian College and Canada Family Action Coalition. He is also Chair of Christians United for Israel - Canada."

Given that McVety has two or three other organizations in the list, and that as none of these are independent enough to have their own phone number, these really all can't be counted as separate institutions.

This is almost as fun as debunking the ZOMG MASSIVE POLL!!!11!@!!  Look, zygote zealots, we're on to you and your attempts to cook the books.  The traditional media may not have caught up with us yet, but the bloggers have got your number (and that number is markedly lower that what you would have the rest of the country think). 

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Maybe Charlatan McVety would like to be
supplied this information. His e-mail
is charles@word.ca

Maybe some kind Samaritan could apprise
him of his new situation.


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You wouldn't happen to be a Lawyor as well as a Docter by any chance?

Everything's cheaper than it looks.

Oh heavens no

Doctering is hightly prestigious. They'll let anyone be a lawyor these days. Surprised

Speaking of polls...

where is KLRVU (market researchers and laser engravers)?


McVety was on his program last night saying
that the 42 organisations had more than 1 million

He went on to say lots of other porkies especially
taking words out of context and making McLachlin
sound a downright fanatic.

It was awfully embarrassing to see him make such
mis-statements and it goes to show that the
broadcast was pre-recorded.

Worse than that was his wardrobe. And I thought
that Harper was one bad dresser. Hell, he's got
nothing on the guy who tells pious porkies on TV.

And the blogburst will begin when?

re: the blogburst

The idea was brought up at JJ's yesterday, and looks like us and Birth Pangs took immediate action.   Look for more McVety bursting today.  I see JJ is on it as well.