Sarah Palin's "experience"

Before Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was elected Governor of Alaska waaaaay back in 2006, she was a mayor.  That's got to count for something, right?  From the excellent Alaska blog Mudflats:

Before her meteoric rise to political success as governor, just two short years ago Sarah Palin was the mayor of Wasilla.  I had a good chuckle at’s claim that she had been the mayor of “Wasilla City”.  It is not a city.  Just Wasilla.  Wasilla is the heart of the Alaska “Bible belt” and Sarah was raised amongst the tribe that believes creationism should be taught in our public schools, homosexuality is a sin, and life begins at conception.  She’s a gun-toting, hang ‘em high conservative.  Remember…this is where her approval ratings come from.  There is no doubt that McCain again is making a strategic choice to appeal to a particular demographic - fundamentalist right-wing gun-owning Christians.  And Republican bloggers are already gushing about how she has ‘more executive experience’ than Obama does!  Above is a picture of lovely downtown Wasilla, for those of you unfamiliar with the area.  Behind the Mug-Shot Saloon (the first bar I visited when I moved to Alaska long ago) is a little strip mall.  There are street signs in Wasilla with bullet holes in them.  Wasilla has a population of about 5500 people, and 1979 occupied housing units.  This is where your potential Vice President was two short years ago.  Can you imagine her negotiating a nuclear non-proliferation treaty?  Discussing foreign policy?  Understanding non-Alaskan issues?  Frankly, I don’t even know if she’s ever been out of the country.  She may ‘get’ Alaska, but there are only a half a million people here.  Don’t get me wrong….I love Alaska with all my heart.  I’m just saying.

Go to the link and see a picture of Wasilla, Alaska.  Then ask yourself if running a city that size, and being Governor of a state with less than a million people for half a term makes one qualified to deal with North Korea, Russia, Iran, and the occupation of Iraq.  Mudflats also has a lot more on Palin, including local reaction to her bizarre rise to the VP slot on McCain's ticket:

I, like all Alaskans, have been glued to the news media today, watching with amazement as Sarah Palin was tagged as McCain’s vice presidential running mate.  Local radio talk shows are all a-buzz.  The progressive station has a mixture of callers who are amused, horrified, and bewildered.  The conservative station has a mixture of callers who are amused, enthusiastic, horrified and bewildered.  No one is really sure how this happened, or what to make of it.  Citing the fact that she was the mayor of Wasilla 2 years ago in her list of “executive experience” doesn’t even pass the giggle test in Alaska.  Palin does have many supporters here in the state, but even many of them are doubting whether she can cut it in the Veep slot.  A few callers have said they feel sorry for her, because they like her but she’s obviously being “used” and is way over her head.  Local politicians are fiercely divided.  Those who like her are generally appointees who are locally referred to as “Palin-bots” and have drawn comparisons to George Bush’s idealogical croneys.  Many, Democrats and Republicans, are fierce opponents.

With this decision, John McCain has proven himself unfit for the presidency.  End of story.  



I have been over at kos

this morning. There are so many negatives to this choice. No one could have been stoopid enuff to pick this person. Has to be another reason.
She will pull in the fundy vote tho.

If you believe you can tell me what to think, I believe I can tell you where to go......

October surprise?

The more I read about it, the more this pick strikes me as outrageously, insanely reckless.

Could this be a Harriet Miers thing, where she bows out in a couple of weeks to let someone else run (for whatever reason, the ethics investigation or whatever)? A ploy to take the wind out of Obama's big speech and grab all the headlines this weekend?
I can't see McCain putting the country at risk just for the sake of the fundie vote -- who else are they going to vote for?
Or maybe I'm just over medicatedTongue out

I think

you're pretty much right on JJ.
My take is still that there won't be a next election and I'm sticking to it.

"In fact, we are the leading edge of a national and global supermajority
and it is appropriate for us to speak and act accordingly."-David Korten.

No election?

Only some kind of national emergency would cause that to happen...?


Only some kind of national emergency would cause that to happen

And national emergencies are gathering up like the line at an amusement park ride just now. Take your pick; extreme weather events, oil shortages, economic collapse, a major "terrorist" attack to name just a few. Milton Friedman said:

"Only a crisis, actual or perceived, produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are a lying around.
That, I believe is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible, becomes the politically inevitable"

The neocons are in their element. Look at what happened after 9/11. Look at what happened in Louisiana after Katrina. Look at what happened during the last 2 decades anywhere where major events in most places in the world occurred where "Capitalism" has any kind of foothold. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, the saying goes. I don't believe for one second that the powers that be are just going to pick up their briefcase and go home because of that little inconvenient thing called "Democracy". Remember how the last two elections went in the U.S. I mean, GW shouldn't have been in office in the first place. And what with the neocon franchise we got right here in Canada, would you put anything past them at this point? 

Honestly there is NO difference between our political reality and the one in, for instance, Russia. CBC's "the passionate eye" has a great documentary I watched recently; The Putin system. Watch it and tell me I'm wrong? Remember that Putin was/is head of the KGB and now the Kremlin is filled with former KGB people. And in the states? can you say Homeland Security?

If you want more after that, hop over to the Real News Network and watch the 4 part series on China and what Naomi Klein calls McCommunism.  Even better, read "The Shock Doctrine"

What can I say, when you think as mistrusting of present politics and the state of our civilization as I do, perspectives tend to shift to a different angle. And besides, you asked! heh. :-)

"In fact, we are the leading edge of a national and global supermajority
and it is appropriate for us to speak and act accordingly."-David Korten.


Usually the candidates are locked in after the
nomination conventions. There usually is no way
of replacing a candidate after the convention.
Think back to the McGovern/Eagleton situation in
the '70s.

Quite frankly, I think the GOP have collectively
shot themselves in the foot because they could
not find any viable candidates and had to make do
with McCain.

The Christian Right and the Republicans are imploding
and the GOP will have to make some serious changes
over the next decade for it to become once again a
viable institution.

Bush's legacy is that he has squandered the good
name of the GOP and the nation is having a hard
time forgiving him. Only despots and tyrants bring
down their own regimes. But Bush is a God-appointed
God-anointed natural leader for the Dominionists
thrust upon a nation that deserved better.