Vote Strategically

The majority of Canadians do not support Harper, his party, or the direction they are taking us.

As the right united three parties and the left divided into more, we changed the system that will help the majority of Canadians have the strongest voice in the House.

We need to recognize this.

I am not saying anyone should shift their support to a different left-wing party permanently, but for this election, we, who share common values such as free speech, an open and accessible government, and independent country, equal rights, women’s rights, the right to choose, no death get the picture - even those of us who share most, if not all of these values need to make sure we don’t all lose because we can’t get past partisanship during this election.

Danny Williams and Dion have both said that this is the most important election Canadians face in the history of our country. I agree. We face not only climate change and it’s consequences, but increasing international unrest and an economy that looks more precarious by the day.

We also face something we have never seen - a Prime Minister who has no respect for democracy, who lies and holds back information from the public, who is pushing for a type of country that the US, through experience, has come to realize is devastating to democracy and its citizens.

We can blindly keep backing our party of choice, but we will all lose as a consequence. All the parties on the left, and the Bloc, will have fewer seats, and we will certainly have at best, a Harper minority - which we all know will be run like a majority. Nicholson has already told us that by announcing that anything they want to pass through the House (on crime bills - but we’ve seen the pattern) will be treated as a non-confidence vote. We are idiots if we think next time around will be any different, and the longer Harper is dug in, the more he will undermine independent, oversight agencies and change policies by circumventing legislation.

He can situate himself so well through such methods and by replacing key people who are supposed to be impartial that ousting him will be extremely difficult. And when we finally do, the damage to our democratic system, the losses to our programs and undermining of our rights will be so severe, many of us will not live long enough to see the damage undone.

Vote for Environment shows us how we can not only make sure Harper is history, but how all parties on the left, and the Bloc can be much further ahead.

Before those who doubt or who think this is a Liberal conspiracy toss the idea out, look at the site. It is non-partisan, it makes sense, and the numbers are very, very convincing.

If elections were held today:

If we split our votes:

Conservative 147
Liberal 76
NDP 34
Green 0
Bloc 49

If we vote smart:

Conservative 97
Liberal 109
NDP 46
Green 1
Bloc 53

Look at individual ridings, like this one, and this one.

Partisan voting during this election will only assure a victory for Harper, and we all lose.

Nothing that the CON government has done - cuts to the arts, the obscene circus surrounding the listeria crisis and resulting deaths, the joke of running an election without a platform or candidates who are accessible to debates and the press have changed a damn thing, and we are two weeks away from the election.

There is no miracle on the horizon, folks. The numbers here may shift a little, back and forth, day to day, but get your heads out of the sand if you still think any of your parties stand a hope in hell of beating Harper - unless we vote strategically.

If you care about Canada, put party interests aside and vote strategically.

The bonus to ousting Harper is this: your party will also gain more seats if enough Canadians do this. Your riding may not come out top dog on the list of the left parties, but your party will benefit over all and have a stronger voice in the House. It will also have a far, far better chance of applying that voice, since we will be dealing with a government that has greater respect for parliamentary procedure and will not bully opposition onto supporting bad bills.

Vote strategically. Crush this government that is not even conservative, but something very destructive never seen in Canada before, then go back to supporting your party of choice. If we hit hard enough, the right may make changes of its own, and we can get back to a system where the majority really does have a voice.

Here is an excellent article on strategic voting in this election:

One big niche - by Susan Riley

If strategic voting doesn't work, why does it make the prime minister nervous? In British Columbia this week, where surging New Democratic strength and declining Liberal support are adding enormous uncertainty, Harper cautioned against voting NDP. "We are in great danger of voters presuming we can win," he said, "and they can vote for others, for strategic reasons. It's a big mistake."

What if all those "niches" that Harper so disdains -- environmentalists, spoiled artists, soft-on-crime academics and the rest -- decide, "Wait a minute! We are the majority. Let's vote like one"?


People of good conscience

I think people of good conscience can take different sides on this issue and both be right.

I've weighed back and forth whether voting strategically is the ethical thing to do - for me - and I don't pretend to know what's right for anyone else.

But after thinking hard about it, having for a moment thought that, for the first time in all my voting years, it was right that I vote against one party and not for the party whose values most reflect mine, I just can't do it.

For me, a vote for a party I don't support goes against everything I believe in, and the principles and values which have guided me throughout my life. But I do understand someone arguing that to uphold their own values, they must do exactly opposite to what I've decided.

It may be that the tension between the two positions is really that captured between two levels of thought or discourse, between the philosophically ethical and the specifically moral. Which is why each position can be both right and wrong.

But do not forget.

That you are also voting for an individual.
The candidate that reps that party?
The green dude in my riding. NOPE. Cant. hes a butthead.
The NDP person? Maybe. The Liberal? Not so sure.
Con? DEF NOT. Of course.

I will have to hold my nose in the end most likely, and vote strategically anyway.

If you believe you can tell me what to think, I believe I can tell you where to go......

So the end result is another

So the end result is another Liberal if that will what change anything ?
O yeah but we will be "safe" from the Harper boggy man ? Because the Liberals are so much more "respecting" of the needs of working people,because the Liberals unlike the Cons are "not" a party of big business.
Strategic voting is not a strategy,it's cop-out.It serves the Liberal party no body else,sure as hell not the interests of ordinary Canadians.
And next time the conservative boggy man threaten we all vote strategically again...right ?,making sure Canadian politics never changes,i.e basically ensuring Cnd's have two choices either the Liberals or Conservative,much as has been the case to date,sounds like a "plan".
How about voters vote for what they actually believe.Why not be motivated by something positive rather than by fear.
A question so when if ever do voters vote for the party the best represents their interests ?


You think Steve's in the same league?

Go back to BT la la land. Reality only here bub.

Yes. Strategic. ANY ONE BUT HARPER.
Voting strategically would not give any of the left parties a majority, unless they act together anyway.
Ya. We get that you aint a lib. Neither am I. I am willing to put all else aside for my country.

If you believe you can tell me what to think, I believe I can tell you where to go......

Not sure if pale's comment

Not sure if pale's comment is aimed at me,if so
Pale..."You think Steve's in the same league?"...
-same league as who?
Pale..."Go back to BT la la land. Reality only here bub"...
Pale..."Ya. We get that you aint a lib. Neither am I. I am willing to put all else aside for my country"...
-by voting strategically ????
-and what does my political affiliation have to do with anything I support the party that best represents the interests of working Cnds.Again its not the Liberals nor the Cons.
Pale..."If you believe you can tell me what to think, I believe I can tell you where to go"......
-telling you what to believe ???? I am expressing my opinion why I think strategic voting is a cop-out and why it changes nothing.It's funny though don't you think,its always NDP voters that are suppose to do the "right thing".
And dude no need to get defensive,sorry if you feel I am attacking you but strategic voting does not work it makes no sense,the idea irks me.Indeed how does one even know if it is working or if other voters are voting "strategically".I find the whole notion a bit naive,and like I say it benefits nobody but the Liberals.

And you failed to answer my question,"when if ever do voters vote for the party the best represents their interests ?"

The default setting...

Would be threaded, so unless you mucked with that, my reply would appear indented immediately under yours, so yes its a reply.

This is not the time for partisanship.
This is not the same kind of election.
What you are saying is that it is not important to get rid of Harper and deny him a majority.

Keep on. Hopefully there are not too many out there thinking as you do.
You are the naive one.

If you believe you can tell me what to think, I believe I can tell you where to go......

Why not be motivated by something positive rather than by fear?

sometimes we are, and sometimes it's appropriate.

Fear is an instinct as real as love, a drive as real as the motivation to make a better world, and it has kept our species alive. If we didn't take fear seriously, if we didn't feel fear, we wouldn't group against threats, common enemies, or act to prevent those things fear warns us of. We would die as a species, we would be defeated by any threat.

So you get real and consider that the current government threatens all Canadians, get the bastards out, and then go back to actually having a voice in parliament -through your preferred party - that won't be silenced by dirty tricks, and BS non-confidence votes. And NDP would gain more of those precious seats through strategic voting.

I'd vote Bloc if it would take away a CON seat because with them holding even a minority, no other parties will have any say in the House.

Fear? If this doesn't strike fear in anyone's heart, then they are deliberately embracing blindness:

I am a socialist!

I am further to the left than the NDP. I've always lent the NDP my vote because it was the best bet to hear and see policies and actions that reflect my POV for the most part from a major party. I have even volunteered in many campaigns in Ottawa Centre, when I lived there. I have tremendous respect for a number of dipper MPs, especially Bill Siksay.

But I tell you one thing. I am going around encouraging people to vote strategically. I couldn't stand Paul Martin and was thrilled that he was limited to a minority. It served him right for starting a war within his own party. But I was appalled by the 2006 campaign. The ganging up on the Liberals to show them a lesson over what, one major scandal, was horrible. At the time, so many so-called progressives figured that the smug, entitled Liberals needed to be punished and reassured themselves that Harper would pose no threat if he were kept to a minority. I knew it was bullshit and was sadly proved correct.

With a minority, Harper has managed to make cuts in a very targeted manner to set up the building blocks for his vision of Canada. There was no major blood letting because that would have scared Canadians. Instead he used stealth and deception to axe small programs that are critical building blocks for a progressive democracy, which is what Canada is and what Harper wants to destroy. He said it himself -- he was conservative values to be the new normal. He cut the Courts Challenges program, reduced the SWC budget and changed their mandate, stacked countless of agency boards and advisory panels with neo-conservative and social conservative idealogues, targeted the creative voices in our country with unfounded accusations of elitism and free loading while cutting many important and commercially viable programs, axed numerous small but essential environmental programs and embarrassed our country on the world stage, fabricated truths and hid behind a veil of secrecy when it came to deregulation in various departments, created an iron clad top down management process for the civil service, etc.

Harper needs to be stopped dead in his tracks. He will destroy Canada just as Bush has destroyed the US.

Pale...Just won't answer my

Pale...Just won't answer my questions will you.You would rather make snide remarks .And I never said you were naive,I said strategic voting is a naive idea.Again read what I said.
Anyway good luck with the strategic voting thing,when you can actually show me how one even knows when people are voting "strategically" and can quantify the results showing how it influenced anything I might pay more attention but until then I will vote for the party that best represents the interests of working Cnds.
So fill your boots,vote Liberals until the cows come us all from the Harper bogeyman

The bottom line

is defeating Harper. The Liberals were dealt with in 2006 and look how well that's worked out, eh?

The Liberals can be dealt with again if need be. But the bottom line here is defeating Harper.

Maybe you should try reading again, dirk. Voting strategically does not mean voting for Liberal.  But, that's your bogeyman (i.e. your partisanship slip showing).

Everything's cheaper than it looks.