And the finalists.....Are.....



The finalists for the F-Word Blog Awards are…..(And in completely random order.....I'm a sadist...)

Categories with a clear winner, do not appear in this list.



Best Political blog:


Challenging the Commonplace 

Cathie from Canada

Womanist Musings

Alison at Creekside


Best blog Oh Canada!



Womanist musings

Damnit Janet

Unrepentant Old hippie


International Best blog:


Bitch Blogs 


Muslimah Media Watch 


Feminist Review


Best Media blog


Blog @ Shameless Magazine



Best Personal blog-there was some CLOSE ones....(so this one is a large finalist list- Secret cabal ruling)


Tiger Beatdown

Pregnant Drug Dealing Prostitutes


Miss Vicky

brebis noire @ the black ewe



Reproductive Liberties blog


Anti-choice is Anti-Awesome

Birth Pangs

Dammit Janet!


MOST Regressive Progressive


Gordie Canuck

Michael Ignatieff


Support Bro


Dr. Dawg @ Dawg's Blog 

Mattt Bastard

James Curran @ What Do I Know Grit

Montreal Simon

Pretty Shaved Ape @ Canadian Cynic


MSM- Most Misogynist Media


Barbara Kay, National Post 

Charles McVety

Margaret Somerville

Jonathan Kay, National Post A FAMILY AFFAIR! (This would be such a nice tie situation.....They could be like tag team wrestlers of Misogyny...)

Come back starting April 18 until midnight on the 19th for the Final Vote!


the black ewe

I should have done this earlier, but can I ask you to fill in the entry for brebis noire to read:

brebis noire @ the black ewe


The black ewe is the name of the blog, and yes, it's a translation of her handle, but it's also the search term.

You betcha.


It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.


Thanks for doing this, Gang.

It's got to be a lot of work for you, but the community appreciates it!

Looking forward to the next round of voting on the 18th . . . .


Wow. Humbling.

- James Curran

Don't forget email me what size tiara you take in case you win. ;)