Former Vanitory glory.

Today's project at the Batcave: Removing this.


Vanitory from hell


It is actually more of a period piece......But the sink leaks...And did for an unknown amount of time before we moved in......and the whole thing has to go. Stinky. 

And butt ugly to boot.

It was original to this house, which actually began it's life in another town, and another time. 

The cabinet was made of 3/4 inch plywood. Solid as a rock even with the rotted bottom. Since this bathroom had been the victim of many separate random caulking accidents, that all had to be cut out too.

Out it came. With a final whimper.

Big discovery? The house has hardwood floors under the decades of layers of vinyl.  (we have spotted some shag carpet behind a baseboard in another room too.) 

We knew we don't have drywall, its the old plaster on mesh. Its like living in a cage, and the cordless phone doesn't get outside reception.

Heh. Harder for Csis to listen in.

What is going in now?

A pedestal sink that we got a massive deal on, wainscotting, and a temporary vinyl floor I got at the restore for $20 bucks.  (It was new, obviously a leftover)

We figure this whole bathroom renovation will cost about $300 bucks, which will include the tub/shower tile and the new tile on the floor after the tub is redone. Scavengers we are. :)

Edit: The Loverly yellow ribbon was not in remembrance, it was a temp fix to keep the friggin cat out. She rummages through the cupboards at night.


You was bad hey?

Was it fun at least? :)

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.

Ohhhh yes.

Was very fun. Made it through the entire 13+ hour playlist and this old gal was the last one standing.

Mr. Dr. Prole is not feeling too good today, poor thing. Heh. I'd say "that'll teach him", but when has it ever taught any of us? LOL

Ahh, home renos!

I love home renos!

You have to post a picture of when it's all over.

I just redec'd my kitchen. It started by painting the ceiling to spruce it up a little, then the rest of the place looked like shit. So I had to do the full paint and wallpaper deal. All for under $15 (scavengers are me too)!!!

I have a pedestal sink that I want to install in my bathroom, but it means yanking out the cabinet like you're doing... eeek! The cabinet is solid hardwood and I'm afraid it might be what's holding the house together.


Did you get before and after pics of the kitchen?

I will get a pic of the hole that is now in the wall. The plumbing is all being redirected to make it neat and tidy.
Lucky, we haz a real deal plumber living in house. (saves a few $$)

Scavenging is awesome!

When we do the tub, that will be a real long movie. Right now the tub surround is also......Arborite! And the taps in the tub look original 50's. I am going to replace em with this set. Dirt cheap, and very retro.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.

Nice faucet!

That's cool looking, I wouldn't mind putting something like that in my tub. Retro stuff is great.

I found an excellent set of taps for my bathroom sink (2nd hand store, $3), super retro, the kind with handles that look like wings. Not a bit of plastic on them -- even the "hot/cold" things on the faucets are tiny little blue & red round metal caps -- and they weigh a ton, like all old solid stuff does. And they are shiny! (And I could fit them onto the pedestal sink if I ever decide to use it.)

Nope, no "before" picture from the kitchen, but I think I've got some older pics of it around here somewhere, I'll have to dig them up.

Renos rock!