Kory the Tory needs to spend more time with his family.

Or something something.
I always love that eggsplanation.

Other famous resignations have used this excuse..when I enter the following words into teh google Famous+resignations+ spend more time with family -palin (-palin takes her recent "resignation" out of the results)

Grand total: 202,000 pages. Wow.

Kory's resignation will make it easier when he wants to appear as a CPC henchman...errrrr, Anonymous party offishul.

In a new twist, two senior officials from the Prime Minister's Office — Harper's director of communications Kory Teneycke, and press secretary and senior Quebec adviser Dimitri Soudas — provided a background briefing to reporters on the campaign.

The officials said they took unpaid leaves of absence from the PMO, and were acting as Conservative party officials in delivering the briefing. It is unusual for government officials to unveil attack ads, a task that usually falls to party staff.

Snicker. Is something else up, ya think?