Where the wild things are, and ACR.


Its been a hard slog here at the Batcave since ACR went on a hiatus. It took some time to get this back online because I have been so swamped with many things.
To make a long story short- for now.........(only for now. I will have an interesting story later).....I am selling the current location of the Batcave to settle a debt that My soon to be ex husband incurred against the house. If anyone who has read ACR in the past knows, there have been some hard times since the great heart attack of 2012. Nope. He never got it together after that really.
Lhommevert, has decided to quit the regular world pretty much. Mental illness and the delusions- and a lot of selfishness- have made him part of the alternate society that is there in every community.

It is a lot of stress and a lot of responsibility and a lot of false blame that I carry.

Where will we go? I have no clue. It depends on a lot. Rents are too high, I will not be able to afford anything to purchase.

Good thing I am one strong muthafucka.

The little pales are ok. Sad, and they also carry a massive burden on their shoulders. I hope they can have some fun with me when this is all over. No more waiting on a father who isn't interested in them anymore anyway.

The first post I made on this new incarnation of ACR is a farewell of sorts. 'The Wild' explains a lot of what I am going through. I love this place with all my heart.

If anyone knows a lawyer who understands foreclosure law and such, and is willing to give me a bit of free time? Let me know. :) Alternately, if you know anyone looking for a house here in BC? Lemme know that too. LOL

I'm back when I can. I feel a rant coming on a lot of the time lately. WHoop!