On Prob blogs there is this guy who calls himself Bill Longstaff....

He hates Anonymity in blogging you see. (Yes, with that name! Heh)
Anyhoo, he is cheering the case where google gave away the identity of a blogger, who had been calling a model names online.  It looks like this is something he rails against often... So I looked at his sidebar. Here are his comment rulez:

1. They must be respectful. The greatest sin in blogging is the disrespect all too many bloggers show to others, particularly when hiding behind anonymity. Consequently, I do not accept comments that a respectful person wouldn't say to my face over a cup of coffee.

2. The writer's identity must be available. I do not respect people who will not stand behind their views.

3. They must be reasonably well-written. A typo or two is acceptable, but I take care writing my material, and I expect respondents to take care writing theirs. I may make exception for those whose first language is not English.

So. I am guessing Pseudonymous bloggers are a no no too. I am an identifiable personality online as pale, but that's a BAD THING TOO. No matter my own reasons, I suppose we are just sposed to REMAIN QUIET.
Fuck you Bill...

What a stuffed shirt hey? Notice the abundance of comments on the blog!

Woo hoo. LOL.


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I get no respect, I tell ya

I looked up my family tree - I was the sap!

Bah, who cares if some nerd doesn't like my pseudonym. Does he think I should expose myself to every sick freak out there who hates women? Fuck that.


One of those types who even though he uses his "real name" is totally out of touch with reality.
And he probably thinks that politics was oh so much more civilized when the RABBLE was shut out. LOL.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.