I am a member of the left wing fringes!

I was never a joiner before, but apparently believing in human rights for women, equal pay and all of that stuff makes me part of some left wing fringe conspiracy.

Ohhhhhhhh skeery.

I hereby proclaim myself an ordained priestess of the cult of the hairy legged feminazi's!

Does Stephen really believe that claptrap? Or is he just feeding the seals in the room? They will clap for claptrap!

Antonia Z came up with this cool design:  Correction: Antonia told me that the credit goes to Francesca Dobbyn

Alison at Creekside made this brilliant one:

And here is my version: 


Steve? You are a git. I feel sorry for your daughter.




LOL Pale

Count me in, I'm proud to be fringey!


Me thinks Steve made a faux pas of even larger proportions than he thought.

But they MEANT to do it. Ya. HAHHAHAHHHAHAA!

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.