The Internet is for porn....

OMGS. Libraries...Hot beds of PORN!

A Conservative MPP has tabled a private member's bill that would force libraries and schools in Ontario to install software that will block pornography sites.

The bill was proposed by Gerry Martiniuk, who represents the riding of Cambridge. It received routine first reading at Queen's Park Wednesday afternoon.

Martiniuk said the idea came from Rob Nickel, a former OPP officer and expert on online pornography, who witnessed a man downloading pornography at a Cambridge library with children sitting nearby.

Rob Nickel has been on a bit of a tangent for the last couple years, and has in fact been turned down by a Library board on this mission before.  He runs a site that sells books on cyber safety for kids...........and software filters. 

But trust a conservative to get right on board with a regressive plan that solves nothing, and just creates a lot of wind and makes a good thing un-usable.

The problem with all those software filters is that they block relevant material too.  This has been an ongoing issue for years. Partly because it is a machine using key words, partly because there are a lot of prudish types out there with their own agenda who program those key words; anti-gay, anti- pagan anti womens rights....You see where I am going?(great rundown at this link, courtesy of

Best solution? Track the users who are on the computers to their accounts. Keep an eye out. Schools should form their own policies.

Best for parents? Don't let your kid use a PC alone in their bedroom. So many do that and it's pretty naive.

I have posted a version of that song before, but tonight's version is WAY funnier. Enjoy. It's an earbug.....Muahahahahahaha!