Capitalism: No Love Lost Here

Yes, I just broke one of my rules & took the bus Downtown to pay full price for a movie in the theatre instead of waiting for it come out on DVD; movie theatres are not good for migraine sufferers such as myself, but I couldn't wait to see it. I'm glad I did.Michael Moore never fails to inform & entertain. His latest effort, Capitalism, A Love Story, is no exeption for the most part; I can't help but think he holds back in a few areas which I will get into later. Once again, he shows he is not afraid to confront the establishment, In this case, the U.S. banking industry, Wall Street & of course, Congress. Informative with his usual peppering of snark. However, I found this movie more cryptic than his other efforts. Most of all, it either reminded us of certain points in history most seem to have forgotten & new material that perhaps Americans never even knew.In the 1hr 57 minutes of this movie, he interviews & meets so many people, travels to so many places & leads us through various trips down memory lane; in history & his own youth growing up in the once properous town of Flint, Michigan; now reduced to a ghost town. One cannot remember all the details. I think a whole series should have been made about this. I hope this would be possible, either by Moore or someone else, it is too important. I will attempt to share a few highlights.

Roman Empire: Moore illustrates in the film how the Roman Empire couldn't expect to make profits without the use of slave labour. It quickly shows how the Roman Empire fell due to capitalist greed.

The U.S. is NOT a Democracy: The only thing democratic about the U.S. is that all can vote & democracy stops there. According to Moore, the U.S. is a plutocracy & a corporatocracy as it is run by the 1% of the American population which is rich & not by the majority, 99% who are workers. In the film, a few examples are offered such as how the Reagan presidency was run by corporate puppet master. He cites of course Georgie & his corporate masters. Make no mistake though, he does also take a crack at the Democrats for alot of the problems with American Capitalism today.
According to Moore, the only thing democratic in the U.S., much to the chagrin of such corporations like Citigroup, is the right for all to vote.

The U.S. Constitution: To all you Libertarians & other Neo-cons: Pay attention! This is especially applicable to that toad; that constitution loving John Mackey of Wholefoods. He says health care was never guaranteed in the constitution. Well, here is something else that is also not guaranteed in your precious constitution: nowhere does it say anything about the free market, free enterprise or capitalism. Moore cites only things like "We the people..." & "...for the welfare of all..." He said it sounded like another 'ism'.

Under paid Airline Pilots: How much do you think airline pilots make in the U.S.? Guarantee, it's not as much as one would like to believe; alot of them: under 20,000$ a year & alot of them do hold down two jobs to survive. Something to think about before getting on a plane & going over 35 000 feet in the air.

Kids for Cash: Some may have heard about P.A. Child Care in Pensylvania (name sounds harmless enough, doesn't it?) scandal involving two Judges. P.A. Child Care was a juvenile detention centre that although funded largely in part by tax payers, it was a private enterprise. The owners of the establishment of course got paid for every child staying there. Former residents were interviewed. While not angels, these kids' sins certainly didn't warrant incarceration & wouldn't have been here in Canada. One boy who threw food at another kids & a girl caught smoking pot stayed there & talked about life at P.A. Child Care. One thing notable was the owner of the facility actually determined how long the kids would stay there instead of sentencing by a judge. Judges Mark Ciavarella Jr & Michael Conohan involved with the scam were finally caught taking kick-backs for every kid they sentenced to P.A. & another Juvenile Facility. Here is a good overview of the scandal.

As someone who works in social services; I was appalled to learn about this. Such things are unheard of here. All facilities here are government run & should continue to be government run. This is a no brainer to even those who don't work for social services or it should be. It just made me wonder how low some Americans can sink?
Hijacking Jesus: The phrase used in the film when tackling the religious angle. Moore interviewed two parish priests & a bishop from the Archdiocese of Detroit. When asked about Capitalism, all agreed that Capitalism & religion are incompattible. Capitalism is immoral. While there are many examples of this in the bible, the movie cited the Gospel According to Luke,

(19) "And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples, and said, Blessed are ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God."

(23) "But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation"

Proof enough that capitalism should never play a part in religion & vice-versa. Amazing how folks are easily fooled, isn't it?
Hey Stevie! You're 'hijacking Jesus'!

Special mortgages for 'friends' of Countrywide: Chris Dodd, a former senator from Connecticut is one such special friend among others who was hammered in the movie. A former employee explains how he was instructed by his superiors to give 'special' treatment to a small select "VIP" clientele.
This, of course, is on the backs of average Americans who could not qualify for a mortgage or loan under normal circumstances who got mortages & loans with crazy contracts with so much fine print that led up to inflated interest payments as high as 200%.

The Workforce: For the most part: certainly not democratic. Something that is obvious, but we don't think about. It is a dictatorship for the most part which we tend to accept. A lot of this film is devoted to the American workforce & the lack there of in certain cities. Moore goes on a walk down memory lane with his dad in his home town of Flint, Michigan, a once thriving town where his father worked on the assembly line at GM. The land is now flattened & looks very much dead; almost third-world like; much like other towns Moore takes us through where industry has suffered.He also takes us to a sit-in at a bankrupt factory, Republic Doors & Windows in Chicago one month following the election of President Obama. About 240 workers were let go without even a paychecque, let alone pension plans, severance packages, health care. Paraphrasing what one of them said: they understand bad business decisions but they didn't make business decisions, they made windows & doors. Even Obama was sympathetic to the workers' cause. The film did one good thing though, the workers did end up getting paid what was owed to them.

This sit-in was very much reminiscent of a sit-ins in the 1930s which led to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's second bill of rights which stated everyone was entitled to a home, a job with decent wages, good education & yes, universal health care. Unfortunately, that second bill of rights would never be enacted as Roosevelt died a year later.

Dead Peasants: Anybody ever hear of anything this ghoulish? I now have another reason to boycott Walmart. Here is something most people probably didn't know. Companies such as Walmart, Proctor & Gamble & of course, Wall Street & the Banking industry does, often unbeknownst to its' workers is that they take out life insurance policies on the workers with of course, the owners of the company would be the beneficiaries. These dead workers are referred to as 'Dead Peasants'. What an awful term for this! What a terrible idea! How do they sleep at night?
Moore visits with two families were focussed here & we see their struggles to get on without their parent/spouse while the employer just got rich over their loss.

Attempt at a Citizen's Arrest at AIG & other companies: Met with yellow tape, police escort & the suits blocking the cameras. It is humorous to see Moore with his money bags. Predictably, never to be filled & never getting past the front door, even banned from these buildings, Moore too starts putting up yellow police tape. Now, he couldn't be onto something, could he? Whatever the case, the cops or security detail wherever he went didn't give too much trouble.

Rep Marcy Kaptur; portrayed as a rare hero in Congress : She is viewed encouraging Americans who lost their homes to squat in them.

She also explains how a 'financial coup d'etat' took place in Congress when the failed 700 billion$ bail-out plan was mysteriously revived so close before an election.

In the words of one man who lost his home on land belonging to his wife's family for many years in Peoria, Illinois: Paraphrased again: 'there has to be a rebellion between the people who don't have anything & those who do'. We can only hope this would happen. Probably the only way for the American people to take back their country from the 1% . Too bad it isn't going in that direction though.

The film illustrates how the American people are too easily fooled into believing they can have a slice of the American dream which will never materialize under the current American system. When will they stop being fooled?

Noticeably, Moore never once uses the 's' word. Instead, he calls it 'Democracy'. He also appeared to be careful to not praise or villify President Obama. Something I found rather uncharacteristic for him. I wonder why he held back on this?

To conclude, Moore says:

"Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil. You have to eliminate it and replace it with something that is good for all people, and that something is democracy."

However, I can't help but detect some despondance on his part, especially when mentioning how Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Second Bill of Rights will never get passed. He has those musings while we see the devastation of Katrina in Louisiana. Folks literally trapped on roof tops with Moore saying that we would never find the wealthy corporates stuck on roof tops, crying out for help.

Everybody should see this film; not just Americans but also Canadians as we could have these same economic & societal disasters down the road, particularly in the event of a Harpercon majority.

Will the Tea-baggers, Birthers & other neo-cons wise up & channel their revolt to where it's so richly deserved?

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the opportunity to share my views about Michael Moore's latest effort.


Great review, Sister Sage!

I didn't make it to the theatre yet (other priority stuff), and even if I did I would likely not have gotten up such a thorough review. Thanks for posting it!

I'm hoping to get out in the next few days to see the movie. I have to say, part of me is really looking forward to it, and a bigger part of me is dreading it.


I originally posted it to my blog (still new at Blogger), but I thought since a few regulars at Creative Revolution would want to know how the movie was, so I posted here as well.


Goodstuff! Were you taking notes!? :)

We Lurve some Michael Moore here at ACR.

I always say if MM was better looking, I may become a groupie. But I am shallow. So there ya go. Heh.

I so admire what he does though. :) Immensely. A real humanitarian.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.

No, I should have..

taken notes. Perhaps tomorrow. My husband wants to see it tomorrow evening. As he is still a bit weak (he got very sick last week), I'm going to accompany him & watch it again.

There was just so much material jam-packed into 1hr 57 should be a series!

Also cites good examples like worker-owned companies; not just a stock option, but real worker-owned, like a co-op. They vote democratically on how things should be done & they think of the well-being of the co-op before profit margins...yet they do make money somehow! But, to most of them tea-baggers...What do they call dat???

Kids for cash

Dear Sister Sage:

When I read your section about Kids for Cash I wondered if I was misinformed.

I heard they do use Private Contractors in Alberta. At least that's what was said on tv when two young people walked away from a facility and murdered some people just recently.

Mr Harper seems bent on reliving the American past. Today the State of Colorado is discussing privatizing the death penalty section of jail. New business for Blackwater is what I figured.

Forgive my twisted biases. It took 56 years to develop.

Not sure if you saw the movie,

Cathy, according to Michael Moore's, Capitalism, a Love Story, this was quite the scandal in Pensylvania. Not sure what is happening with the Judges'(in that scandal) trials right, now, haven't followed up on it. Basically, judges were taking kick-backs for every kid they sent to those private facilities. Stupid teen-age prank style shit that while not to be condoned, certainly didn't deserve incarceration by any stretch of the imagination.
Michael Moore interviewed some of these kids: a boy who threw a piece of meat at this brother at the dinner table, a girl who posted insults toward her high school principal, a girl who got into a fight with her friend at a shopping mall and another girl caught smoking a joint of pot. In any other jurisdiction in the industrialized world, a kid for pulling any of those stunts would never ever have been incarcerated, even if a second or third offense and so on.

not yet

No Sister Sage I haven't seen the whole movie yet. Just pieces and interviews with Mr Moore.

I had heard of this one case on the news though. I figured if it made regular news no one could say it was a biased mind. It was fact.

Even Law and Order did an episode sounding very much like this story. But of course the bad guy judge was a woman in the episode.

another explanation

I read an article today in The Atlantic that shows some underlying reasons for the problems discussed.

"Did Christianity Cause the Crash" by Hanna Rosin. I thought it was very good at explaining why our GST cutting approach was short sighted.