Voting Thingy

Just to let you all know that I'm fiddling with the site a bit.
Trying some new stuff out and such.
So you'll notice there is a little blue and white arrow on blogs, front page articles, forum topics and all comments.
It is meant to function like a Digg marker, but then only within this site.
If this runs smoothly I can integrate this voting widget into a "Karma" module. This would make it so that any registered user
gets extra benefits/options when Karma reaches a threshold. (Karma being awarded for any kind of activity on the site; creating content, commenting, voting, etc.)

Also, as of now I am doing a test run with an auto-save feature on ACR.
In theory when you are in the process of creating something, anything, and for instance your browser crashes or there is a hiccup with our server, your hard work should still be there when you return to re-create your content.
Just to emphasize; this is a test run. Help me out and let me know if it does/does not work?

Last point; suggestions.
I would love to know what features YOU would like to see implemented @ACR.
Put idea's or requests in the comments or my inbox (click user name >write private message) and I'll see what can be done.

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