Here doggie doggie! Get the red meat!

Brad Trost tosses some rancid hamburger and all the good little Wingnut doggies will come to feast. 

He is after Planned Parenthood now of course, because his wingnut base demands to be fed.

Trost presented the petition to the House of Commons Monday. IPPF is funded through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and, according to Trost's petition, "promotes the establishment of abortion as an international human right and lobbies aggressively to impose permissive abortion laws on developing nations."

Impose......Gotta love the complete lack of knowledge of the English Language.

To create a condition, usually adverse, such as placing a tax, charge or fine on an item.

Impose....You mean empower? Impose is what the anti choice nutbars do Brad. There are no abortion squads running about imposing on anyone. but look at what else Brad the language impaired has to say...

"the IPPF does not support physician's freedom to practice according to their conscience and/or religious beliefs regarding abortion referral."

See, what that means to me, is that the IPPF does not allow physicians to impose their own beliefs on anyone else. It does not mean that Doctor's are being forced to perform abortions. It means, that they may just have to pass it on to another Doctor or another clinic that does offer true reproductive choice. It is not like the IPFF would actually be working with anyone who doesn't believe in all women's right to choose. Seriously, just pull a non existent situation out of the air!

How difficult is all that to comprehend?

Well, yes....Brad is a Harper conservative so comprehension skills will be limited. He's originally an exploration and mining geophysicist (Our science and technology minister is an Evangelist Chiropractor). I would not be surprised if Steve would put a failed psychic in charge of the finance file. Oops. Wait. He did. My bad.

What makes this terribly interesting is that Canada is also involved in the Congo through the  IPPF. Brad says that he supports helping the Congolese people, but only when it doesn't include women who need help dealing with rape and the repercussions of rape. Only one of the issues facing women in the congo:

Rape has turned into a weapon of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the number of attacks on women having grown threefold over the past few years, human rights activists said Friday.

Women who do give birth in that country are also at very high risk.

The maternal and infant mortality rates in the Republic of Congo remain "worrying" despite government programs instituted to try to curb the rates, Emilienne Raoul, the country's minister of health and social affairs, said on Sunday, IRIN News reports. About 510 women die per every 100,000 births in the country, which is down from a high of 890 deaths per 100,000 births in 1990, according to the United Nations Population Fund.

The IPPF provides these services to 
the Congo Brazzaville people

At the moment, within our programmes, we offer:
* integrated family planning
* antenatal and post-natal care
* voluntary counselling and testing (VCT)
* management of HIV/AIDS
* post-abortion care
* youth-friendly approaches in service outlets
* youth centres
* laboratory services
Among those targeted to benefit from these services are:
* young people below 25 years of age
* rural and urban populations
* internally displaced people
* sex workers
* men and women of child bearing age

So Brad said:

The Government of Canada has acted in the region in both a diplomatic and humanitarian fashion and will continue to act in the future. It is important that these efforts be redoubled so that the Congo comes to a final peace.

It is too late to change the past, but let us not forget it. Let us not forget the people of the eastern Congo who so desperately need our help.

Such flowery words. sigh.....

But he really only means the Men of the Congo.  He is quite willing to remove any funding that provides reproductive choice and any releif. And is also willing to impose his own ideas on women in a country that he knows absolutely nothing about. 

Who is sending out these petitions btw? (I say petitions, because there have been three instances where Brad has brought this up in the House of Commons....)

Here is one bunch here, on Facebook. 

More here.....

And let us face facts, the Harpercons have no interest in actually doing anything to help lower the abortion rate in the world and Canada even, because they seem pretty insistent on removing funding for all reproductive services, everywhere.

Evelyn Reisner, executive director of the Sexual Health Centre in Saskatoon (formerly Saskatoon Planned Parenthood), says while its services are not directly funded by the federal government, if government funding is cut off to IPPF, it will have a negative effect on women in Saskatoon.

Get ready to have your uteruses and eggs under supervision ladies. All potential babeez belong to the state.

Get thee back in the kitchen where you belong. And make sure to wear one of these if you are not married.



Thanks, Pale, for your usual

Thanks, Pale, for your usual good sense & comments on this twit! He is, v. unfortunately, MY MP & he is really as bad as he sounds. I can't even continue to comment - I am so livid about this & the fact that my taxes pay for this dude's wife to stay at home & by his little "help-meet" while he lives the $100,000+ life a year on our dime. And really despises women who won't stay in their "place", according to his fundamentalist definition of that "place". ARghghgh!!

Hes a narsty

Piece of work.
I think "men" like that are all just so fucking skeered a woman will do better than they would, that they need to keep us all down.
In his case? Probably true, since it seems to be a crusade for him.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.