Charles Adler: Tool.

Yup. Just read that bit in the National Pap. By one Charles Adler.....Sorry Charlie.



He is obviously challenged on so many levels.
Where has anyone against this occupation ever denigrated the soldiers? No where. Of course not.

But Charlie has been reading the Turdblossom playbook and decided that the "Support the troops" line is the way to go for him.
Oh, as well as pulling the Latte, Quiche thing out to try to present those who oppose the Occupation of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as mamby pambies.

I personally do not like sending our honourable soldiers to die for a dishonourable cause. Call me an elitist for that? I don't much care. I am as un-elitist as it gets.

My husband will also tell you that real men eat quiche, which is actually a peasant food, BTW.

What a tool you are Charlie.

The rabble will eat it up. We saw that in the US. Anyone with any intelligence was pointed at with derision and scorn.  Being stoopid and uninformed becomes the fashionable thing.


The ones responsible for the torturing of detainees, are the Canadian officials who allowed it to go on. The soldiers? Just obeying bad orders, as they pretty much have to.

Why do the Harpercons hate the soldiers so much? So much that they want to pass off the blame by placing this false information and innuendo? Shameful.They are the only ones talking about the soldiers in connection with torture.

Shame on you Harper and co. How dare you blacken the soldiers with your attempts to wriggle out of your own culpability. Lower than slime.

By the way, do check the comments on that hit peice. The turdblossom playbook works on the lowest common denominator. Some just cannot see how they are being manipulated. They do not want to though, it is easiest to be told how to think.