No, we are not Girlfriends.

In a column by Antonia Z last week, Helena Guergis was called out as the Status of Women minister for her support of the dismantling of the Gun Registry which was put into place to protect women. As well as the Conservative single minded focus on punishing abusers after the fact, as opposed to working on what would really help women to not get into bad situations...Or, would make it easier for them to help themselves and be independent to get out of bad situations.

The conservatives do not want women to be strong or independent, but they are all on board with locking men up after they beat the crap out of the wife or girlfriend, and damage their children psychologically.

It is the official party line. Institutionalized misogyny Is a Harpercon belief.

In fact, according to Neville, "Their whole focus on violence against women is what one colleague refers to as `after the gavel.' That means putting more people in jail, harsher sentences, mandatory minimums, that kind of thing.''
Or as Hoeppner recently said in committee: "The best thing we can do to protect women is to make sure that people who commit crimes against them go to jail and stay there for as long as they need to." Which, not only closes the slammer door after the deed has been done, it does nothing to get women out of dangerous situations and into self-sufficient lives.

So Helena Handbasket, did not like the critique, nor the word 'Girlfriend'. She doesn't understand the remark, as it was presented to start. She has had someone send a note for her to the Toronto Star...

Helena is "appalled".  And does not get sarcasm apparently. Her letter states:

We are not “girlfriends,” 

The title of Antonia's article was....... 

Tory `girlfriends' hew to party line on femicide.

The last line in that same article...

With girlfriends like these, who needs enemies? 

No Helena. I do not think you got it. You do not have mad reading skillz for sure. And you certainly are not as you say.....

we are all strong members of Caucus who represent our constituents’ views on legislation, bring in new and effective programs and work alongside our colleagues in parliament.

No, many of us think you are mealy mouthed cowards who do not say boo to your masters, nor do you listen to those who know what the hell they are talking about. 

Here is Helena's idea of "help"

Just last week, I announced that our Government is contributing $1 million to support the establishment of Uniting to End Violence against Women, a project that will help to end violence against women and children by bringing together shelter organizations from across Canada.

Women do not need shelters if they have equal pay, equal access to the courts etc.. But again, BIG PICTURE thinking, is too difficult for that type. Tsk tsk.

Helena then goes on to talk about how they plan on feeding the private prison system they are setting up, again.....After the beating and or death.

She then raises the spectre of the evil immigrants. Because you know that beer swilling dudes who shoot their wives or beat the crap out of them are from....somewhere else. And we must enforce that mindset of teh evil anti women Islamo-fascists. (Too much competition for the Harpercons..)

recently released a new citizen’s guide which explicitly states Canada will not tolerate barbaric cultural practices that debase and demean women and their role in society. These are only a few of the measures we are taking to deliver safer streets for women and for all Canadians.


No. You are not a girlfriend Helena.

Girlfriends don't shaft each other and support policies which hurt other women.

Girlfriends, support one another in this eternal struggle to achieve autonomy once and for all.
Helena? She is a shill and a bobblehead.
She is the minister for Status of Women in Canada which is so galling in and of itself.

My girlfriends? Are smart, caring and listen to facts, not old white dudes with an agenda to keep the status quo alive and well.

I do not even have the time of day for them. 

Girlfriend?......More like the Stepford wives. And I am appalled myself.



Thanks pale. You affirm it's not ME who is crazy for seeing this "taint" in those men.

Another Wow!

It's almost unbelievable that she could misconstrue "girlfriends" so badly. oh dear. Really has to be one of those things that makes you go "Ughghghghg...." Helen Handbasket is priceless, Pale.
And as a former Human Rights worker, I saw RED when I read the CPC's "new & UNimproved" citizenship rules. SO unbelievably badly put - but it is becoming crystal clear that they really aren't actually all that hooked up, intellectually let alone culturally - - - let alone gender-wise!


needs to go back to Mexico so she can party and leave the business of governing to people with a shred of intelligence. It's too bad she can't see what a tool she is.

hockey mom intellect

Is it possible the million dollars is to turn shelters run by women into "faith based institutions" run by MEN?

Pro Life says women can't be trusted so they kill our doctors. I just can't help but be suspicious.

When Afghan men are getting roughed up it's a non issue - fog of war stuff BUT it's with PASSION that they KNOW WHO is talking about contraception.

So they passionately oversee consumption "over there" of something perfectly LEGAL in Canada. And they avoid with the same passion a BEHAVIOUR illegal in Canada.

Weirdo nutbars NEED women's lips to SELL the message. Left wing fringe group lips, by the way!

any time I read about Guergis or Oda

I feel the urge to really, really pound the shit out of some inanimate object. I don't, of course. They both betray our species, and women in particular. They are both so smug and self-righteous (especially Re-Gurges) and boggleheads, oh yeah. Re-Gurges sits behind and just off from Stevo. She sits there smiling sagely, nodding away, even before the asshole starts talking.

Woo Hoo

Heard today Sarah Palin is coming to raise funds for St Peter's hospital. Bet Harper bungles that challenge. No macho competition and he's useless. She is a bigger abstainer than he is.

I guess her trip nullifies the Death Panels in Canada lie. If we had them we'd not need St Peter's. I hope someone gives her a Canadian Beef Steak and a 60 day supply of oxycontin for Rush at Canadian prices.

Her base thinks hospitals that care for the Terri Shivo's of North America also give out abortions. They accuse us of thinning out the old folks herd while they thin out DOCTORS. She's a walking culture clash. I HOPE she says Harper is terrific.