ACR's Annual anti- Valentines day extravaganza!

It is that day of the year again, romance is in the air.....Or is that the smell of the trashcan?


Happy Valentines...


I hope that everone has a special someone to spend it with and that they will get some chocolate out of the whole deal at the very least. We are having our chocolate fest tomorrow, when it will be 50-70% off.

One has to be practical.

Cupid splat

Some love this day, but many of us find it irritating....Some reasons to not like Valentines:

- people who've had a recent ugly break-up or crushing heartbreak and are jaded about love
- disgruntled singles sick of couples being reminded of nauseatingly happy couples
- happy singles who are offended by the notion that they need to be involved in a romance to feel "fulfilled"
- people who hate frilly things and the color pink in general, and have a low mush tolerance
- people offended by the gross commercialization of love and romance by the greeting card, floral, candy and stuffed animal industry
- couples who refuse to fall into conventional traps and feed into consumerism, and resent feeling pressured to celebrate their feelings for eachother in an extravagant way on a specific day
- people who respect real love and commitment, but are fed up with the fairy-tale, media-perpetuated unrealistic concept of "love" and all the misery this illusion causes
- people who just like to be rebellious and go against the grain

I bolded where I mostly stand on the whole deal.....

A top ten Anti Valentines movie list here. They all look fairly depressing.

JIB JAB's really really fast version of Romeo and Juliet:

And their LOL cats version:

Hope everyone gets the Valentines they want, or none if that is the preference.
Happy Anti Valentines day!


We celebrate on the 15th instead

Always been a little joke about "our" Valentine's Day. We'll treat ourselves to a nice dinner out. No cards, no flowers, no fluffy toys. Nothing says UNSEXY like a stuffed animal.