Bill C-510 and the backdoor glurge brigade.

Rod Bruinooge, fetus fetishist and known wingnut, introduced the bill C-510, not this one...(oddest things come up in google....) Apparently this is an acceptable form of recycling for HarperCons.

It is all for Roxanne they are all saying. Now not to denigrate the death of a young woman, that is a tragedy.

But for these neanderthals to use her death like this. As a backdoor to intimidate doctors and clinics. Shame shame shame. She was murdered. We have laws that already cover this and  the killers have been given hefty sentences.

Would having this law in place have changed the end result? No. This is just a very far reaching effort.

In 2009 when all of this was going on, a different story than the ones that Roddy would have you believe was going on in the news:

Roxanne Fernando, 24, was lured to a violent death in February 2007, only weeks after discovering she was pregnant with Plourde's child.
Crown attorney Mark Kantor told court Thursday that Fernando wanted to have a long-term relationship with Plourde, who she met while working at McDonald's on Main Street. Plourde didn't return the feelings and hatched a plot to kill her when she refused to leave him alone.

Also tragic is how her death is somehow made lesser than the death of the fetus she was carrying.

We need more laws and public education to protect women from abusive men, and we need the actual judiciary to actually use the laws and sentencing powers we have already in place.

Sadly added to the fact that much abuse goes unreported as it is, because of the way the system works. Because a restraining order needs teeth.

This bill is NOT about protecting women. This bill is to create a chill over counselling services provided to women. This bill is about doctors and their private consultations with their patients.

Just as a reminder: Bill C-484, the "kicking abortions ass bill". Also with an added bonus of "protecting the unborn" over women. Also with that kick of added glurge and sentimentality. The anti choicers tried to use the also tragic death of another young woman in order to get their foot in the door and recriminalize abortion in Canada. They even co-opted her greiving mother. Because they simply cannot get anywhere based on facts and common sense, they need to resort to anecdotes and rare occurences. As well as lies and deceit. 

And please also be aware that bill C-484 with all it's flowery talk of protecting women and their fetuses, also had a get out of jail free card for abusive partners.

Interesting to note is how the Bill will protect perpetrators of domestic abuse to some degree by giving them an out:

Reduced offence
(2) An offence that would otherwise be an offence under paragraph (1)(a) may be reduced to an offence under paragraph (1)(b) if the person who committed the offence did so in the heat of passion caused by sudden provocation within the meaning of section 232.

So if a woman provokes the man and he beats her, causing a miscarriage, his sentenced could be reduced, because, you know, she provoked him. Epp is also very dishonest in presenting statistics to support his claim that most women and Canadians agree with his Bill. Again, the truth and trickery is revealed in the wording. Epp uses statistics to show:

Talk about making NO sense? Look at what ol Roddy had to say to introduce this backdoor glurge:

moved for leave to introduce Bill C-510, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (coercion).

Mr. Speaker, it is a great honour to introduce this private member's bill. This bill would be known as Roxanne's law and it is based on the untimely death of Roxanne Fernando.

Roxanne Fernando was coerced into having an abortion but she did not go through with it. In the end, her boyfriend decided to kill her for not going through with it.
This bill would protect vulnerable pregnant women. I hope everyone in the House can support it.

Even if this was already in place, she would probably still be dead.  Was getting a friend to kill his pregnant girlfriend the act of a rational person? No. Considering that even the murderer has said that this was not his primary motivation.

Lots and lots and lots of glurge.  

But what I would like to know, is a bill forthcoming from Roddy about coerced pregnancy?

Nearly 20 percent of women at family clinics across northern California reported that their partner tried to coerce them into having a child, sometimes using methods such as poking holes in condoms or flushing birth control pills down the toilet, Dr. Elizabeth Miller of the University of California Davis and colleagues reported online in the journal Contraception.


No. Probably not, because as we already know he thinks women are walking incubators for the seed of men. Rape victims, life of the mother considerations make no difference to this type of fanatic either.

We also know that the Harpercons do not agree even with birth control! They voted against that last month en masse. 100% of them live in the dark ages, CONFIRMED! Along with some small, theological minded Liberals. (No, we haven't forgotten about those "people" either) 

Here in pro choice land? We support all the choices of Women. Made by the women involved, with medical consultation. 

And those that want a nanny state in the bedrooms and the uteruses of the nation simply cannot accept that. 


excellent post!

We have to keep blogging about this odious, opportunistic bill.

I guess they forgot all about

the Chantal Daigle and Jean-Guy Tremblay affair.

Just to refresh those who forgot about that one. Daigle and Tremblay were dating. The relationship went south and she found out she was pregnant. One of the problems in that relationship was that Tremblay was too controlling. She felt that if she kept the baby, Tremblay would forever control her life with no relief in sight; certainly no way to raise a child. She felt that an abortion was her only way to extracate herself, permanently from Tremblay's clutches.

Not good enough for Tremblay, he hauled her into court, succeeding in getting injunction after injunction against her, preventing her from having an abortion. It did become obvious that the Tremblay camp was delaying the case on purpose until after 20 weeks when (at that time) would've been illegal for her to have her abortion, here in Canada.

What she did end up doing, was having her abortion anyway, more than likely outside of Quebec anyway, as the case had so much notoriety in the media, pretty much all those clinics and hospitals where abortions were performed, knew who she was and were certainly not going to go near that one.

It would be found later that Tremblay is a woman beater and his ex-girlfriends had all laid charges and now, he is doing time, I believe.

Anyone, feel free to correct any erroneous info I just provided here. I just went by memory of the whole case.

I should probably blog about this case with regards to Bruinooge tonight or tomorrow morning first thing...


We've got to get ahead of this one. The Kicking Abortion's Ass Bill caught a lot of us napping, then we had to play catch-up.

Well Said!

What can I say that you haven't said! WELL DONE! You said it exactly right & strong. Thanks for speaking in our voice! I am so furious at this I am spitting rocks.Should we send this to various "Secret Boys Committee" members? Maybe they'll also learn a new word - Glurge - which is what they do ALL they time!

It's never about protecting women...

with these zealots.

If it was, the coercion factor would swing both ways and the Bill would be about strengthening restraining order laws already in place so that women who feel threatened by partners and/or family members could seek legal remedy no matter what the nature of the threat.