Just answer the F*cking question, fembots.

Yesterday Gilles Duceppe stood up in Parliament and asked the $800,000 question:
WTF are the Harpercons doing spending thousands of dollars to translate bibles into different dialects in other countries?

At the same time cutting organizations that are actually helping women in third world countries?
Because, bible indoctrination is not a government responsibility.

This would be up to churches which get donations and massive fucking tax breaks. (We are paying for this crap twice now)
Lifeshite has their knickers in a twist on this one, because they are shrieking about religious freedom and all that fucking nonsense about being MOCKED! MOCKED I say! whilst TOTALLY missing the point that public tax dollars should not be spent on something as stupid and trivial and ideological as bible translations.

So Bev Odious stands up and never ever approaches answering the question. Nope. Talking points fembots for Jayzus! HALLELUJAH!



This just gets stupider and stupider by the day. Because then Rona, stood up and basically answered a whole other question, with fake facts anyway. HALLELUJAH!



I am sure that women in those countries will appreciate having the comfort of the Lawd's word, while their children die beside them because there is not enough to feed them all. I am totally sure that the woman who is dying because she is having her 13th child in the space of 10 years is going to find that really really comforting.
So sweet.

I suggest the same use as the ol' Sears and Roebuck.



The more . . . .

I listen to Duceppe and the Bloc Quebecois, the more I wish for a Bloc Canadien . . . .

Let's buy a newspaper!

And just print all the blogs & facts & TRUTHS, instead of the crap we get now! GREAT blog!! Isn't Bev just REALLY odious? And I am sorry to have to say that about her. But I must. Because she so IS. And then Rona - okaaayyyy. NAME THREE!!!

Duceppe for...

Prime Minister?