There is a massive outcry in the US, against the very things that the Harper admin are implementing at this very moment.

I have asked this question before. No one on the Conservative side can give an answer. Just more failed mythology and complete lies. Seriously. Not. One. Factual. Rebuttal.

Are the Canadian public really that dumb? It would appear that they are.

Recall a couple years back when Harper and his admin decided they were going to kill public funding of elections? And the outcry? And now they are doing it again?

But since almost 39% of the 60% of voters that bothered to get out there have sealed the fates for us...

What is the main message I see coming from the regular people of the US? The 99%?

Corporate money out of Government. 

There are also a lot of people who think that the US election system has to be completely overhauled to take corporate money out of the equation. Make elections publicly funded.

The Conservatives receive personal donations only as do all the parties in Canada. But since the Conservatives cater to the whims of the top 10% who have all the dollars? 

Again, why are people going to allow the same crap that has ruined the US Political system to happen here?

In the US, they have ALEC. Here, we have the Council of Chief Executives. 

They are writing our laws, and they are not laws designed to represent us. 

The Lobbyists are being given direct contact to those who are supposed to be watching out for the rest of us?

While Environment Canada scientists must request permission before speaking to reporters, newly released emails show that the main oil and gas industry lobby group has direct access to the department's technical expertise.
Some of the emails were exchanged between a senior Environment Canada engineer and registered lobbyists from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, who requested "help" after controversy surrounding an international inventory report on Canadian greenhouse gas emissions in May from the department that excluded data showing a substantial rise in oilsands pollution.

Hell, we are paying to lobby against our own best interests. With bald faced lies.

The Canadian government has been accused of an "unprecedented" lobbying effort involving 110 meetings in less than two years in Britain and Europe in a bid to derail new fuel legislation that could hit exports from its tar sands.
The allegation comes from Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE), which claims Ottawa ministers have attempted to mislead European decision-makers by underplaying the carbon-heavy nature of their crude in assessing new petrol standards.


Prisons. Failed US ideology, and a dropping crime rate. But that is is the direction we are going in. Harper wants mandatory sentencing for even the most minor offences. In a system that is already overburdened, this is another failure coming up soon.

And how will that affect our jobless rate? I need to ask, again.

Corporate tax breaks and tax breaks to the rich have added to the Trillions of dollars that the US owes.  To the complete breakdown of the social safety nets. Harper wants to cut corporate taxes again here, stating that it helps create jobs. 

It hasn't worked in the US after 10 years. It hasn't worked here. Corporate Canada sits on  Billions. They are not going to start spending.

There is a massive outcry in the US, against the very things that the Harper admin are implementing at this very moment.

THOUSANDS are in the streets all over the world, demanding an end to a lot of the items in the Harper Conservatives wish list.

Muddled message? There is none.
Corporations do not own us. And they should be taking a backseat to the desires and the needs of real people.

We need to claim our seats on the bus right now. 



Brava pale!!

Two consecutive Conservative losses this week in elections that were called potential Tory landslides. Me thinks people are slowly opening their eyes. Not wide open just yet but certainly not shut tightly.