Even hardcore Texas thinks Harper's criminally stoopid crime plan is stoopid.

Because they already did that. Miserable failure.
It cost Billions to warehouse people, made the crime rate go higher and was quite frankly, evil.

So a few years ago, they figured out what an abhorrent waste of money (and lives) it was, and they started doing stuff like rehab and community intervention.
And the numbers were and are startling.

But Harper and his crew will stick to the script, because that is what the single issue voters that support them want.

And the ones who are going to make a nice chunk'o'change want it too.

Private prisons are highly profitable. Taxpayer dollars pay to put people in prison for mandatory sentences, these corporations are not doing it as a community service.

Especially profitable when they can get contract work from large corporations for the labour of those in confinement. That loverly iPhone you got was maybe made in a factory in China where the poorly paid workers jump out of the windows, or it may be made for pennies by prisoners. Some love this idea. Put them to work! They will declare! The old chain gang movies...

Honda has paid inmates $2.00 per hour to do the same work they would have been required to pay auto workers $20 to $30 per hour to complete. Konica has used prisoners to repair copy machines at less that .50 cents per hour. Toys R Us has used prisoners in the past to restock shelves, and Microsoft has employed them to pack and ship software. Lockhart Technologies recently closed its Austin plant and fired some 150 workers. It realized it could relocate those jobs manufacturing circuit boards to a Wackenhut-run prison where detainees did the work for minimum wage.

Yes indeedy. Put them to work, and take another job away from a person who has a family to support. Pay them pennies, so that that large corporation can make even more money. While further decimating the economy.

And make sure that the prisons are full to capacity, so we can also pay to house them. And ensure that when these people are released they will re-offend. Because, they will. There will be no attempt to change the circumstances or the mindset.

At least CBC finally decided to talk about what a horrifically unbalanced plan this is. 

From a horrifically mentally unbalanced party.