Coffee warz. A rant.

This weeks newz is that Timmy's is trying to muscle in on the Starbucks clientele.

Of course using a word like clientele in a sentence with Timmy's is kinda mind blowing to start with.

Timmy's is that same place that uses the corporate tagline, Always fresh, that serves the baked elsewhere-flash frozen and shipped from some undisclosed factory-then convection microwaved baked goods, and coffee that has been going downhill for sometime.....You know the place? Stephen Harper even ditches the United Nations for Timmy's photo ops.


They are soon going to be offering fake lattes and cappuccino's starting at $2.

Now that just screams quality, don't it?


Mcd's has been quietly taking some of the coffee market from Timmy's and Starbucks with just a basic cup of coffee. All last week they offered a small free coffee at all their stores across Canada. And truthfully? It was far better than Timmy's has been for some time.
Usually I go to a local place that is less expensive than Starbuck's, and is far superior.

I am always a tad impatient with the so called coffee culture.

Walnut crunch half fat big gulp frappacino cappuccino with a topping of alfalfa sprouts?

I am with Dennis Leary, I want a cup of coffee flavored fucking coffee.

And some of the names for sizes?

If I have ventured into a Starbucks, I ask for a medium latte. I say.

"GRAWN-day latte?" the person taking orders attempts to correct.

"No, medium". I say. "I refuse to have a conversation using the word GRAWN-day. I am a grownup."

Then I just blink. Very deadpan.

They look very flustered at this point.

I am handed a "medium latte". I win. 

And I betcha they feel very stoopid for at least some part of the day every time they say GRAWN-day or Venti or big gulp.

But yanno? The best coffee, is what I make at home. With my old Melita. In my battered old mug. Black as a moonless night, and with about 100% less corporate evil.
Or a latte, on my own machine here. Costs out to about .50 and I can enjoy it in my bathrobe.


Designer coffee has now become a parody of itself. You just know that it is on it's way out.
I also read that Timmy's is now making flash frozen lasagna for lunch.
Again, I *blink*
And pull up your pants.


Absolutely right! I get fair

Absolutely right! I get fair trade organic coffee from the co-op down the street. It's a splurge but even so, brewed at home it's about 1/6 the cost of a cup bought at Starbucks. I like Timmy's for the atmosphere. I've always liked the variety of people at a Canadian donut shop.