In defence of Attawapiskat: do the Math, critics!

$90,000,000 sounds like a lot, but break it down.
$90,000,000 divded by 2000 Attawapiskat residents equals $45,000.
$45,000 divided by 5 years equals $9000.
Therefore, the town of Attawapiskat has $9000 to spend on each resident of Attawapiskat.
However, break it down one more time.
$9000 minus 80% equals $1200. That 80% is allocated for education.
Therefore, Attawapiskat really has $1200 to spend per resident. That includes roads, water, welfare, and housing. The first three are given priority over housing, which means $500 is left over per house.
Band funding can not be shuffled about. You can't spend education monies on non-education projects, especially with INAC jealously watching every spent dollar.
Stephen Harper knows this, yet he asked where that $90,000,000 went? He damn well knows! The band sent its budget to INAC every year. That damned lying liar!

How much tax dollars are spent on First Nations
There's no getting through to some people: "My tax dollars are paying for your chief's salary!"
No. Not one cent of yours has paid for anything on-reserve, unless you've bought an Oh! Henry chocolate bar at Ska-Hiish Esso.
The government owes First Nations bands and governments trillions of dollars from the purchase of lands, hundreds of years ago. These monies went into trust funds that accumulate interest indexed to inflation. In fact, the government doesn't spend much on First Nations compared to how much is earned through interest.
In fact, the government's been dipping into these trust funds for ages, and using the monies for non-First Nations projects. It isn't even their money! Sheesh!
Why don't they listen the first time. I shouldn't have to repeat myself, over and over again.
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