Contempt of country. Rant mode. ON.

Yanno. I know we have been down this garden path before.

The Harpercons do something really stupid. (Daily occurrence)

Then when people react  (the employers of the Government, to be technically accurate)....They start calling us names, names designed to DE-legitimize our rights and concerns.

Left wing fringe.....Remember that little quip from the PM during a speech to the party faithful? Jeebus, that looks more like a religious revival than a political talk.

And BTW, chickie poo's....If you have any plans on being heard instead of just being seen? You may anger the PM.... So STFU already about women's rights. We don't think those are relevant. 

And same to all of those bellyachers who expect fairness and transparency and.....decency....The Harpercons will make sure you quietly "disappear", or your name will be smeared. Hell, you may even die from the stress.

That same minority Government that just cancelled Parliament to avoid International laws about torture? That same minority government that has been repeatedly removing all the watchdogs and dissenters from their posts by hook or by crook?? Hmmm. Yes, we are keeping them in check very effectively. 

They call us "No good bastards" when we decline to take jobs that won't pay the rent and feed our kids. I mean, if you can't take on at least 3 labourious backbreaking jobs at slave wages, you just want handouts!

They call us lazy when we need EI to just get through this depression. Yes. I said the D word. I have no interest in their sugar coated phrases like "downturn" and "recession". Yesiree, most people just lurve to make 55% of their former wages, and sit at home watching reality TEE VEE and eating bon bons. Life of leisure! (BONUS! Buffoonery! According to Ms Finley,  if you need childcare because you really have to work to buy things like....Food? And think that $100 universal childcare buyout/slap upside the head from the Tories is inadequate? You expect the state to raise your children.)

They call us "radicals" when we choose to think more of the future of the country and our children than the get rich quick schemes that the Ralph Kramden's of the oil world have dreamed up.

They actually waste our time with BANS of bananas, because a company declined to take the filthy oil that is destroying us and the planet.

Hey, another blast from the past? Labeling First Nations as a “threat to the oil industry”. I mean, how DARE "those people" object to Ralph Kramden and all his shareholders making as much money as they can. Cancer? Shmancer. Reality is only for those that can afford their own versions.

This same bunch of hacks that were found in contempt of Parliament just a few short months ago. 

They are in contempt of country. 

They are contemptuous of anyone that disagrees with them, and even of the ones they have hoodwinked into voting against their own best interests. 

I do hope someone gets a pic of Harper with a goat and a chandelier soon. This is not going to end well, but it will end.



fantastic rant!

great links, great examples. Good to see the backlash fatso is taking over calling anyone opposed to the fucking pipeline radicals, implying they are enemies of the state.

Thanks Jesus

Hope all is ok with you.

I have been hibernating for a bit.....But yanno...I think I am now awake again. And pissed off. (pale smiles sweetly)

The only enemies of Canada, are the ones trying to wreck it. And they all have a big C on their foreheads.


It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.


Like 900ft said, an excellent rant with lots of great links.

Hey BY.

This crap has got to stop hey? They won't be happy until they get their gun nuts trying to hunt us down for treason.

Fucking aresholes. Vigilante stoopid.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.