Not exactly as advertised.

From one day of stoopid, and on to the next hey?

A few years back, the Supreme court made a ruling....Many same sex couples flocked to Canada, to say their vows and spent thousands of dollars to do so.

But as always, the Harpercons cannot let something they hate go. No matter that it should be settled law.

In a nutshell, government lawyers are arguing in court that if same-sex couples could not be legally married in their home country, then their Canadian wedding is not valid.

Butta bing.

How do you think people are feeling today? Shafted? Bereft? Pissed off? De-legitimized?

Think how you would feel. You have been married for years now. You invested many dollars in this commitment. You may have waited years and years for the opportunity to become a legal couple with solemn vows. 

You may have kids. 

Then suddenly, BOOM.

Sorry, we forgot to mention this part.....It's not reallllllllllllly valid.

It's like getting a mail order doctorate. Worth as much as this one I made here at ACR.

Become a DOCTER in yer spare tyme.

I don't know about all of you, but I am feeling heartsick for all of those people today all over the world.

And really pissed off.

In most if not all countries, they have rules about people getting married who may not have gotten a divorce yet from their first spouse. One has to produce many papers to show that all the I's were dotted and the T's were crossed. They all have to be notarized/certified from the country of origin. Maybe translated.... There are HUGE disclaimers, that if a marriage is not legal in the country you reside in, that that will not change in that country or the one where you are getting married.

Fair enough?

What I would so like to know, is if this sudden news was to be found anywhere in the regulations? Did it say on any of the paperwork that these marriages were not valid here in Canada if they were not recognized in the persons country of residence? Sounds like that was a major item they missed, if it is true. 

I happen to think it is entirely possible that the Gubbermint lawyers are just making shit up as they go, at the behest of the ideologues that tell them what to do.

Dan Savage:

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go wake up my husband and tell him we got divorced last night.

As he also says, the Supreme court will have to step in on this one. You betcha.

And we can only hope they rule in the interests of Justice and humanity, as they did before on this issue.

Over at the Glib and Stale, Ibbitson is calling anyone who thinks that this is an opportunistic move by the Harpercons, spinners of conspiracy tales. (why not RADICALS! That is fashionable I hear.)

The fact that the Harpercons have agitated about SSM for years. That they called it to another vote even in 2006, after it was settled. The fact that great leader used to a appear at anti SSM marriage rallies (video at the linky)....

Nothing to see here! Ibbitson proclaims. 

Ya. Typical Canadian Corporate media response. Downplay reality. Be so friggin reasonable as to ignore all of the past...AMNESIA! Gah. Save me from these morons.

Back to an earlier point....If these marriages are not in fact legal here, and if in fact people were not told this up front...How many lawsuits will emerge?

Could be very expensive. 

I think Harper better get a better statement ready.

In the meanwhile.....Yes, I really do think that the Harpercons will be going after women's reproductive rights.
Ibbitson? He can keep living in la la land. But then he doesn't have a uterus. It won't affect him.

Same thinking as much of this country nowadays.



Good job . . . .


I'm bettin' stevie and company back off on this one. The negative press that exploded so quickly is makin' 'em look pretty damn bad . . . .

Since when have they allowed something

like a little negative press turn them away from something they believe so strongly in, like homophobia, anti-environment, war mongering, going backwards, and of course, misogyny, and fetus fetishing.

It bears close scrutiny.

I think it would be problematic to create a special status for SSM when the point is to afford gay couples the same rights as straight couples. And I still don't get how the Justice department can simply claim that those marriages are invalid. I understand the complexities of the Divorce aspect when that marriage is not recognized where they reside.

I think the fix should be in the Divorce Act. A simple exemption to the 1 year residency requirement for couples married in Canada who reside in countries where their marriage is not recognized for whatever reason.