They are extremely obsessive, and mostly uneducated about their choice of saviour.

Today at work, Mr I read the Drudge report, and know very little about much of anything as a result was in teh store today.

Birther, global warming denier and a Paulbot. How fitting hey?

He thinks Ron Paul is going to save the US.
I mentioned that not so much for women. (Not so much in anything, but I was actually trying to avoid much of this convo)

He got all pissy and said I NEEDED TO READ MORE!

He thinks that the STATES SHOULD DECIDE! (not acknowledging the fact that a lot of states are debating draconian anti choice legislation to force women to become incubators because the fat white male fucks sitting in State legislatures are as anti choice as he is....)

After I said I disagree ( I wasn't about to smile and nod, but I also wasn't going to get into a debate at work), he stormed out, and opened the door a few seconds later and yelled something about _____ LIBERALS!

Not sure what the first part was but I wanted to correct that.....Pinko Socialist would be far more accurate. Thanks.

And as per usual, on the anti choice stuff... I am right. He's wrong. And ...and rude . :)
Anyhoo. Save us from those looking for a messiah.

Those same idjits, who also read infowars and Drudge as a main source of news.... 

You are of course entitled to your own opinion. But not your own facts.

I do not suffer fools gladly.



Its ok, that he died according to Paul. Churches and bake sales should replace medical funding.

Dumbass stuff hey?

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.