Is this a fucking JOKE? Rant Mode. ON.

Fucking Jason Kenney is such a fucking gawd-damned hack. Part of a larger Fucking Gawd damned borg of the stoopid.

And that also includes fucking Sun News.

Documents released to The Canadian Press under access-to-information legislation show that just a few weeks before Canada's Citizenship Week last October, Mr. Kenney's staff directed departmental officials to add a last-minute citizenship ceremony at the network to their list of scheduled events.

Question? What the hell is Kenney doing deciding that Faux News North Sun News had to hold a ceremony?

No they are not connected at the fucking hip. Not a bit. Nah. 

So it was decided that they would just re-affirm the oath, because Faux News North Sun News only wanted to show the shiny bit, and omit the rest of the ceremony. 

One senior bureaucrat at the registrar of Canadian citizenship expressed concern to Mr. Kenney's office that Sun News seemed to want to feature “only” the oath, which might short-change new Canadians from the full ceremony experience.
“We have to keep in mind that the ceremony should first and foremost be a special (sic) for the new citizen, most of whom will want family and friends (sic) attend this very special day in their lives,” the bureaucrat wrote.


Local department staff in Toronto then set out to find 10 new Canadians willing to restate their oath at the Sun News studios on Oct. 18, calling people who had dealt with the department in the past.
The goal was to find people who had recently taken the real oath.
“I have also just confirmed ... that all the clients that are calling back are declining the request as they have to attend work and are not able to take the time off to participate in this reaffirmation ceremony,” wrote one civil servant.

So they lined up 10 people.
While using TAXPAYER FUNDED RESOURCES to call many people, to appear on a Tee Vee Network, seven of the 10, simply didn't show up.

Enter the stooges.

But the show went on — featuring at least six federal bureaucrats. Three
of those who took the oath wore identical T-shirts with a citizenship
logo on it. 

If you want to have a clusterfuck of momentous proportion, call Kenney. He is the man!

And now I get to yesterday. I was so angry about this, that I simply couldn't even yell expletives at the screen.

The Gubbermint of Canada, to continue their bigotry and homophobia to ensure all of our safety has ensured that trans people can no longer fly on planes.


NDP MPs Randall Garrison and transportation critic Olivia Chow have drafted a motion to rescind the recently added section in the Identity Screening Regulations, which states that an air carrier “shall not transport a passenger if the passenger does not appear to be of the gender indicated on the identification he or she presents.” The motion will be on the Transport Committee agenda Feb 7, Chow says. received and posted emails on Scribd back from transport Canada about this story, and some dumb fucker at transport Canada, had them yanked for copyright.

On Tuesday, Xtra did just this with email correspondence between reporter Andrea Houston and representatives of Transport Canada. At some time today, however, Scribd removed the document from its servers due to a copyright claim "at the request of Transport Canada."

If the dumb fucker(s) ever reads this? I am not waving all of my fingers.

So, onward. In the house of commons, the place where all Canadians are SUPPOSED to be represented this is what happened when this topic came up:

Chow says Lebel and other Conservative MPs were openly “snickering” and disrespectfully mocking Garrison, Morin and Liberal MP Justin Trudeau as they pressed the government for answers.
“The response was outrageous,” Chow says. “It’s totally ridiculous. If you listen to the audio, you can hear [Conservative MPs] snickering in the background.”
Garrison says Conservative MPs were “making light” of a very serious situation.

I saw a snippet of video with Justin Trudeau talking about this. At the end, it appears that Maxime the flowerpot found this fucking HI-LARIOUS! Tee hee. Like asshole bullies on the school grounds, that bunch. Watch to the end.

Rona Bighair yawned.

And that is where we are now in Canada. Discriminating against Canadians who are already facing so many other forms of discrimination, is now a high source of amusement. In the house of commons. 
Gee, do you feel fucking SAFER!? I sure as hell don't.

And the Immigration office is definitively and incompetently providing Faux News North Sun TV with programming.  On our dime to boot. Woo hoo!


Transgender and transsexual people prohibited from flying in Canada

Sign it. 

Gawddamned fucking hell. 



ALL. OF. IT. The acting like 12 year old ignorant kids at the back of the school yard to setting up a fake event to suggesting that we can save tax $$$$ by giving prisoners enough rope.

Thanks for the link to the petition.


This too?

Its cheaper if soldiers just die instead of coming back wounded. 

Yup. they are really summin.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.