Just wanted to say....

That it costs JUST pennies to make a call and spoof the caller ID.

You wanna make a call and pretend that that call is coming from somewhere else?

Totally doable!
And most likely, done.

You could purchase a card, and call.....NDP voters and pretend that you are calling from an NDP office fax line, for instance. You could tell the voters that they need to vote for the guy that has removed himself from the race.

It would split the vote and benefit someone like.....Gary Lunn. For instance. (And do throw in some shadowy third party advertising....Just for good bad measure....)(h/t Alison)

You can also do that online through sites that offer spoofing services.

And if Elections Canada "looks" into it? They could just throw up their hands and say they cannot do anything, as the caller ID is all they have to investigate. Seriously, they could.

How easy is that?!!

You want to call thousands of voters and tell the wrong address to vote at and also pretend to be a Liberal? Easy peasy. 

You can hire a service from a "nonpartisan" member of your party. It's all automated, and they simply do not know how their equipment is being used. 

Then, you could fire a low level staffer and tell everyone that he went all roguey like and did it all on his little ole lonesome! The media will dutifully "report" that the dastardly doofus has been fired. (or resigned, depends on who you read)

And get this? The bestest part of all? 

The "base" will step in and yell ADSCAM! They will attack like rabid little Chihuahuas, because they are so bent on their ideology that facts and honest elections are simply a roadblock to them getting their own way. They have zero interest in living in a democratic country as a matter of fact, and prefer the lying, spying, dishonest bunch of hacks they will defend by all means. 

Really. Just wanted to say.....

Holy christ on a cracker. How gullible do they think we are?

But if anyone is truly interested in making this change? Ban the gawdamned robocalls. PERIOD. Across the country. The party that stands up for that? May actually win the next election.



I just want to say...

you rock!

I have more to come. Information, that is...