Better than a goat and a chandelier......

January 11th, 2012.

They are contemptuous of anyone that disagrees with them, and even of the ones they have hoodwinked into voting against their own best interests.

I do hope someone gets a pic of Harper with a goat and a chandelier soon. This is not going to end well, but it will end.

This, is better in some ways.

One: no one really wants to see Harper In flagrante delicto anyway. I can only imagine the result would be like the great Pokemon seizure incident of 1997.

Two: This speaks to many Canadians, and may finally show them that the Harper Conservatives really don't give two hoots about the wishes of the citizens. Many of us have known that for years, and been quite disheartened that no seems to notice.
Me and Lhommevert went out for lunch today, (An unusual occurrence in and of itself.) at the table behind us, we actually heard two people discussing the RoboCon happenings, and they didn't sound at all amused. Angry.... 

Three: We may finally get some movement on changing the archaic first past the post voting which does not reflect the will of the people. Over 60% of us did not vote Con, but we have had no voice at all these last few years. Cleaning up elections may require a complete overhaul. 

Four: We may get rid of RoboCalls. PERIOD. That cannot be a bad thing.

Onward to False equivalencies.....

The Cons are going to concentrate on Vikileaks, that prank that was not illegal that simply disseminated public information? 


While we are on this topic, the Cons are also outraged that the Vikileaks tweets may have come from a parliament account. Which actually doesn't cost anything.

But they are totally OK with Peter Mckay using a Search and rescue helicopter for personal reasons. 

DND documents say the total annual cost per flying hour is $32,232 to operate a Cormorant helicopter, and MacKay's flight was about 30 minutes long.

Added bonus! Using the taxpayer funded military as a personal Detective/smear agency. 

Defence Minister Peter MacKay almost ran from a military conference Friday morning as he dodged questions about emails that suggest military personnel were enlisted to help turn the tables on the opposition after revelations MacKay used a search-and-rescue helicopter during a fishing trip in 2010.

Just Biz as usual for the spendthrift Cons and their culture of entitlement.

And finally. A Tweet from Canadian Cynic. And I should be shocked, but cannot be anymore.....

Wow, CTV, "Robocalls or Vikileaks, which is worse?" You actually just asked that question? Seriously? Holy freaking God.


Queue the media. They must protect the party they endorsed.




People are angry

Been watching comments stream in on several news sites.
Literally thousands. It's kind of nice to see that there is no getting away from this one. And the conservatives usual tactics are just adding oil to the fire.
I expect these criminal activities by the ruling party to shake Canada to it's core. First rumblings about this going on since 2004? Hang on to your shorts. And if I'm correct, Elections Canada and the judicial system better take this real serious, Canada is demanding answers and action and won't settle for anything less.
Plus, spring is arriving. And with it the ability to be out on the street. If nothing else, a really fascinating time ahead for Canada. It even might bring the realization of actually having a stake in politics for a lot of people in this country. None too soon either. Oh yes, watch for Anonymous re:Toews tomorrow as well.
Much better then a goat and a chandelier...

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People should be angry. Kingsley, ex honcho of Elections Canada, gave a good interview on "The Current" this morning. To paraphrase, "impeding a citizen's right to vote is a crime." He dismissed the argument that if it had no impact on election results, it doesn't really matter.