How to prove you are a Conservative?

SUE the bastards!
Too funny.

RackNine Inc. and its chief executive officer Matt Meier have followed through on an earlier threat and served NDP MP Pat Martin and his party with a $5-million lawsuit Friday.
The Edmonton-based call centre company that is part of the ongoing election calls controversy is suing for defamation, claiming that multiple comments made by Martin, and published by the NDP on its website, demonstrated malice and caused the company to lose business.

If Racknine wanted to keep up the "nonpartisan" pretense, there is little chance now....
But yanno,it would be hard to see many buying into their story. It looks like they have a lot of contacts with the Harper Cons.
I think they will be losing business as well, but more because the whole story has been blown and what appears to be a HUGE client will probably looking elsewhere for "services".
This is all far too out in the open now. The Cons will be looking for something a lot more out of the way. Like Racknine used to be.

And like dear leader.......They appear to be Litigious.


Thanks BY

And yes, they are all a piece of work....Or summin anyway. LOL.

This is getting bigger daily hey?

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