Electile disfunction.


As usual, feel free. 

What is getting lost in all of this, is the fact that this scandal is even happening.

Yes some races were tight.

31,000+ complaints? That is a massive number in this country.

But some keep trying to shift the focus. They are looking at what races could have been affected. Answer: ALL of them. The whole country has been tainted. This is like a poisonous tooth, and we need to remove it.

What really matters, is that someone even tried to hijack the election.

Looking at who would have benefited, the culprits look pretty clearly outlined.
Whatever happened, was illegal, immoral, and completely against Canadian values.

The Harper Cons have been spinning and twisting and even suggesting that the Libs did this themselves....

Some form of 11 dimensional chess? 

NDP voters who were angry about calls, are not going to vote Conservative, that is way too far from their own political values..... Liberals, who share many of the economic values as small "c" conservatives, may vote for the Cons, if they are socially progressive, they could swing NDP.

From my rudimentary observations, most of the misdirection re:polling station calls seem to have been aimed at the NDP supporters. The Liberals got both kinds. Has anyone measured that?

So, yes, the only party that would benefit from these calls, is the one currently bloviating in the house about mandates and such nonsense.

And then, there is also this...

Outside the Commons, though, Mr. Martin told reporters that vote suppression tactics could also have benefited the Conservative Party by lowering the amount of money opposition parties receive from the federal per-vote subsidy.

Now, considering how the Cons think, this makes a lot of sense as well. They have been trying to get rid of the subsidies for years as we know, they even prorogued over the ensuing uproar.

Gee. That would indeed be a fitting comeuppance.  

The path to Conservative political dominance is to financially bankrupt your opponents. So wrote Tom Flanagan, one of the deep thinkers of the conservative movement in Canada and a mentor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

So, what is the end result of these "shenanigans"?

Possibly (likely) stolen elections, and the further erosion of the confidence and interest of Canadians in the election process.

Electile dysfunction.

We need to get mad and demand accountability, not get more cynical and apathetic. Unless of course, we want this to be how all elections go from now on.


X-Country Checkup was interesting.

There are probably even many more people who haven't filed their complaints with Elections Canada.

One guy in Guelph said that he and a coworker both received a faux Elections Canada robo-call misdirecting them to the wrong place. In their case, they had already voted in advanced polls. Enough people ended up in the wrong place that the local radio station ran a warning piece re-directing voters to the correct polling station. He said that both he and his coworker had received calls from the Conservative local? campaign and they had both told them that they were NOT voting for the Conservative candidate.

One Conservative voter put it well. He wanted to get to the bottom of it because in his opinion, any single denied vote tarnishes the legitimacy of his vote.