Spiders, dead things, the dentist and grocery shopping.

What do all of these items have in common?
I detest them all. All the items in that list, I would rather avoid.

But since we have kids, and really have no choice in the matter, I find myself there at least once a week.

Now, in my little town there is not too much choice of where to shop, and for a while I was going to the big evil conglomerate chain store, part of the massive Loblaws chain. It is them or the REALLY pricey store in town, or the IGA (Pronounced Igga) a few more KMS in the next community.

The large chain does have a few items I cannot get anywhere else.  Few.

But in the last few years they have also cut out a lot of other items I buy regularly. Mostly baking stuff. The store is piled to the rafters with instant anything, but if you are seriously cooking from scratch or anything exotic, they are not the place to go.

When they are asked about this practice of cutting out items, the management and the staff shrug. Head office makes those decisions I am told. They have no control, and you are not even politely told to go get stuffed. Everyone there is pretty unhappy, the wages and the hours suck, and the "Manager"......OY.

I emailed the head office once with complaints, and I was informed that they are a "discount chain" and that they really have no level of service or quality they need to keep. 


Frustrating place.  I have left there muttering under my breath many times.  They also do not pack the bags now, and they cannot comprehend that the orders cannot be lumped together on that belt. I have actually had to sort my stuff out on the parking lot with other customers. On several occasions. This is not just a one off.

"Oh, these are your grapes, and those are my tomatoes."

In the rain.  It is raining here often.

But, I thought they were cheaper. Every dollar has to stretch further and further now. I am not the head of a corporation who is making 164% more, I am a member of the making 6% less club.

So a few weeks ago when the "manager" refused to honour a deal on Tofu (of all things), and was being a real condescending prick about it, I decided that enough, was enough.

We are now only going there for those few items we cannot get elsewhere. And I am keeping track. I have the receipts. I should write them a letter.......

Dear "manager".

A few weeks ago you decided that it was worth  the .77 to you to not follow your own store sales and policies. 

I hope that .77 was well enjoyed and that it bought you all a nice treat.... Because now, that +.77 cents, has actually cost you just under $600 in
just three weeks. 

I have 4 kids in our family of 6, We spend a lot on food and other things like toiletries and household items. 

I also want to
thank you for causing me to just pass your store when I do the weekly shopping. It is further to go.....And not even in the same town....But....

Funny thing. Veggies actually last longer if I buy them at the other store.  Yup. Lots more Canadian stuff is also available.

I can now get all my baking stuff, and meat that has been cut by someone who is not committing a chain saw massacre, like at your store. Hamburger is actually not just light pink,  and I have not had to return it before the date because it smells "funny".

I also want to thank you for this reminder that the person at the checkout counter can pack the bags, AND smile! Holy crap. I guess they get paid better and the benefits must make them a lot more cheerful and less stressed. I have also noticed that many of the people working there, were there at least 5 years ago. That constant overturning of staff  at your store must be an arduous thing. An endless training cycle. Of course I do know that your store just stops giving some staff hours when they get past that "training wage" that the BC Liberals put into place.  It is a small town, and we talk amongst ourselves. You must be running out of people to work there soon, the turnover there is amazing!

My Husband now does a run to your store every once in a while for the few items you do have that we cannot find elsewhere, and between making sure they are on sale, and the Loblaws coupons, you will not make much on them I am afraid. 

Please understand, it's just Business. 

And please do get stuffed. 

A former shopper.


Brilliant Pale

Now copy that letter to the CEO and cc it to the editor of your paper!

I tweeted it

But yanno. Loblaws? They at one point had UNLISTED phone numbers for their stores? And they seemingly have no twitter acct or any other kind of social media networking.

They really don't care. They just want to rake in as much as they can, pay the staff as little as they can, and they want to hear nothing about it. Which is rather sad.

But hey. I can spend my money elsewhere. That's the magical free market and all.

Just seems that they should care more. It's a substantial amount over less than one month eh? :)

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.