Transfats, ANGRY BAIRDS!



Honest, a study came out about the effects of transfats and aggressive behaviour.


"If the association between trans fats and aggressive behaviour proves to be causal, this adds further rationale to recommendations to avoid eating trans fats, or including them in foods provided at institutions like schools and prisons, since the detrimental effects of trans fats may extend beyond the person who consumes them to affect others," Golomb said.


The Harper Cons just backed away from banning them. 


If one reads many of the comment sections in the online corporate media, or the Blogging tories, a new possibility opens up there. Maybe that is why they are all so angry? Is that why the Harper Cons are now reluctant? They would lose their angry base?

Maybe it IS the cheetos!

Could also be corporate intervention in policy making that compromises the public health.  Anything is possible when it comes to this bunch.





Of course the cons are in favor of not regulating industry. Like the food industry is small business... Bah.