Nope. Not a horror movie. Well, kind of. The current Governments plans for the rest of us, are the stuff that horror movies are made of.

I have a long story to tell. Pull up a chair. Sit down. Make sure you close your knees.

Harper has sworn, up and down. Sideways. That the abortion debate will not be opened again in Canada.

But his MP's, members of his party that he has such control over in everything else have other ideas.

It's time to pay up the debt to the religious right, the fanatics who have helped them get into power.
And part of that would be criminalizing abortion.

As many of you know, we have no abortion laws in Canada. And it has worked out very well over the last years.

We have a lower teen pregnancy rate because we haven't traveled into the abstinence only la la land.

We have a lower abortion rate than countries that have outlawed it.

Yup. Isn't that the strangest thing? And since the numbers in this country would be more accurate as abortions are done in hospitals and not in back alley's under threat of arrest......I kind of think the difference in the numbers would probably be even more glaring.

While there are no laws in Canada, there are guidelines. The Fanatics would have you think that abortions are happening by the thousands in the ninth month of gestation. Just one day before the due date.

Status: Myth.

  • 97,254 abortions in 2005.
  • 14.1 abortions per 1000 women (15-44).
  • 28 abortions per 100 live births.
  • 90% by 12 weeks gestation.
  • 98% by 16 weeks.
  • Less than 2% between 17 and 20 weeks.
  • 0.4% after 20 weeks gestation.
  • About 25% of all Canadian women have at
    least one abortion in their lifetime.
  • About 75% of all women use contraception
    (not counting abstinence).
  • Maternal mortality rate of 0.1% per
    100,000 legal abortions.

After 20 weeks? Abortions are performed for medical reasons. The fetus will never be viable, the Woman's health is in jeopardy. ETC.

To really grasp that sentence, the fetus will never be viable you would have to have gone through a situation where that is just the sad reality. I would not wish that on anyone.

Fetuses develop with no brain sometimes. Sometimes they have other lethal conditions.

It also happens that women may die or be put in a position of permanent damage. and an abortion must be done immediately.

Sometimes, the fetus dies in Utero. In the US, there are actually laws being written that demand a woman carry a pregnancy to term. Live fetus or not. This can be deadly or debilitating. It can also affect any future pregnancies. Indeed, it can even make future pregnancies impossible.

I was reading a post at Dkos a little while back, where the writer who has experience with Catholic hospitals outlined this scenario. Mind boggling. Complete nonsense brought to you by the Catholic church who have placed drastic restrictions on reproductive medicine, based on their religious dogma.

When the actual treatment limitations are in force, the results can be nonsensical. For example, according to the Ethical and Religious Directives, with an ectopic pregnancy where the blastocyte attaches to a fallopian tube — a situation which, in the first trimester of pregnancy, is the greatest risk of death to a woman — the ethical treatment is not to resolve the situation as quickly as possible by simply removing the blastocyte because that would be an "abortion", the direct "killing potential life". Instead, the Ethical and Religious Directives require the removal of the affected fallopian tube. The "principle" of "double effect" is that although the blastocyte will die, the direct intent is not "abortion" but, instead, the removal of a part of the body — the fallopian tube — which is malfunctioning and posing a danger to a woman's life.
The removal of a fallopian tube will decrease a woman's fertility. One of the risk factors for an ectopic pregnancy is having previously had an ectopic pregnancy. And, should a woman have a second ectopic pregnancy which requires the same treatment, she will be left sterile. However, since tubal ligation isn't the intended effect of the treatment, and that a woman is unwillingly made sterile, according to the Catholic theoreticians it's morally preferable than terminating a "pregnancy" that will never result in a live birth.

I highly recommend the entire post. Hard to comprehend such a twisted failure of logic directing medical treatment.

But, that is what we are dealing with.

So. MP Woodworth wants to hold a "debate" now. He wants scienemific evidence to prove his preconceived conclusion that a fetus is a full fledged human. Starting at conception.

This is a great read too BTW. A conversation on Twitter with Woodworth and a blogger. (Support Bro's ROCK!) Woodworth is all piss and vinegar, until the conversation hits a place he doesn't want to touch. I mean, abortion rights are just that. No matter if the pregnancy is the result of a rape, consensual sex, inside of marriage, outside of marriage...Etc. But at least there are Progressive males taking this on.
But, this is all about autonomy over ones own body.

Some "progressive" males are on board with the other side. They think a "debate" is a fine ol' idea. If that debate was about their reproductive liberties, they would probably be singing a different tune. Every sperm is scared and all that eh?

This "debate" is actually like the climate change "debate". Just kept alive to divide and polarize. The climate change "debate" is all about money.  This one is all about power over women and ideology. It feeds that rancid red (green and slimy) meat to the anti choice base. That is all it will do, and it will also bring us laws like these.

4. The laws of this Commonwealth shall be interpreted and construed to acknowledge on behalf of the unborn child at every stage of development all the rights, privileges, and immunities available to other persons, citizens, and residents of this Commonwealth, subject only to the Constitution of the United States and decisional interpretations thereof by the United States Supreme Court and specific provisions to the contrary in the statutes and constitution of this Commonwealth. 

5. As used in this section, the term “unborn children” or “unborn child” shall include any unborn child or children or the offspring of human beings from the moment of conception until birth at every stage of biological development.

So what does that mean? It means misscarriages and stillbirths will even be subject to criminal investigations.  It means that we will be looking a lot like this: 

The parents may be able to claim a tax deduction for minor children,

IVF may be illegal since in the case of embryos with lethal conditions, or embryos no longer wanted for reproduction purposes, they are currently destroyed and in some cases they may be damaged by the IVF process,

Some forms of birth control that prevent implantation, such as IUD's or the morning-after pill, would be illegal, and perhaps all forms of contraception would be illegal since they could be said to inhibit the creation of a human being,

Women would lose their constitutional rights to make decisions about their own bodies and lives,
If a woman had an ectopic pregnancy or some other condition where it was medically necessary to end the pregnancy for the health of the women, that may be prohibited or, at least, place the physician and patient at risk for criminal prosecution,

Any such law would be challenged since it is in direct conflict with Roe thereby forcing a decision at the US Supreme Court,
Women would be seen as "transport and delivery systems," where their primary function during pregnancy, whether planned or accidental, is to produce a living child no matter the medical condition of the child or the desire of the women to have a child.

This would be true even if the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest or if the fetus was shown to have a lethal condition,

Women that have stillbirths or miscarriages could be prosecuted for murder,

And no embryonic stem cell research would be allowed, since creation of an embryonic stem cell line is done by removing the inner mass from an embryo thereby destroying reproductive capacity.

This would be true even if the fertilized egg were medically inappropriate for reproductive use because it carried a lethal disease and even if the persons who created the embryo no longer wanted to use it for reproductive purposes.

Under the law, they would be prohibited from asking that it be destroyed and would have to pay to keep it in a freezer forever.
While some believe that personhood laws will restore a "culture of life" in America, others worry that fertilized eggs will be granted rights superior to the women who bear them.

Creating "personhood" for fertilized eggs would dehumanize born human beings.

And we don't even have to guess on the way these laws are used. It is already happening in the good ol' USofA. Most of the Harpercons ideas are not terribly original as we know. Like a McDonalds franchise.

Arizona is going even further. 

Woodworth keeps talking about a 400 year old law. An idea in that law that has actually been revisited over end over.

As I said above he wants to get all scientemific about it. So how about this part, that he would get the vapours over?

A Fetus is actually parasitic in nature, in the most technical of terms.
It feeds off one host, adding nothing to the hosts survival, and in some instances causing harm to the host. Death is a possible consequence. (And yes I can give many of the gory details from personal experience about pregnancies gone awry)

The anti choicers get their glory on when a woman makes the choice to sacrifice her life for a fetus. They want to canonize and martyrize that woman.
She made a choice, which although it was not one I would make, it was hers. But it really isn't the stuff that Saints are made of.

Woodworth wants a "debate".

He hasn't an honest bone in his body, and has been so determined to use mythology and lies to promote his worldview and ideology, what is the point?

He wants to make Women subhuman in his rush to declare that fetuses and embryo's are more important, and with more rights.  He wants women chained to their reproductive cycles, and the Government in control of all women through their reproductive years. The Uterus police will come to the hospital to take the bloody remains of a D and C as court evidence for her trial.
If a Doctor performs an abortion, he or she will be incarcerated.

Human embryo's and fetuses are human embryo's and human fetuses. True. Just as a strand of my hair is a human hair.

But they are not, and will never be human beings until birth.

I am a human being, and not an incubator owned by the state. That has been done before too. With disastrous consequences.

The facts tell us over and over and over again, that Canada's lack of abortion laws actually decrease abortion. Birth control is a good thing for society as a whole. And the only thing that these dangerous laws actually do is dehumanize us all.

If Woodworth was really so gung ho for teh babeez, then he would be trying to end this environmental war his party is perpetrating on us and ensure clean air and a healthy planet for living breathing people, and fetuses and embryo's too. He would be calling for an end to child poverty, and education cuts. He would be fighting for the human rights of me and my daughters.

But that isn't what he and his buds at the Knights of Columbus are all about. 

Don't fall for it.

UPDATE: I just got caught up with the goings on at prob blogs. Gritchik thinks we should all get along. While she is using right wing/mythology talking points.
And BTW, if we do start getting the law involved in late term abortions? Just watch for the boards, and the inquests, and the long waits in already tragic circumstances so we can drag out the pain for families. Women and their doctors can make these decisions. We already do. Quite responsibly.
No. In these instances we don't have to agree, nor do I have to accept your "opinions".


Great Post!

Thanks for all that detailed research!
"incubator owned by the State"
Probably the best way to describe fools like Woody's views on women!


Just catching up here on events...LOL.

How about those prob bloggers eh?

Gritchick didn't post my comment. Odd that. Hey? :)

I grow so tired of the "reasonable" cough*bootlickers*cough gonna "discuss" others rights types.
It's like holding referendums in the US on others civil rights eh?

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.

Excellent post.

A very comprehensive read. Thanks so much for posting the links to the sources.