So reasonable and open minded their brains fell out.

I know. I didn't happen to see *direct* misogyny in the posts from a couple minor bloggers who stated they think it's a fine'ol idea to debate the rights of women in Canada.

I do see the passive mysoginistic result of their uneducated and so reasoooooooooonable screeds. They are deliberately missing the whole point of Woodworths "debate" or they don't give a hoot as it doesn't affect them? Not sure.  They totally missed the facts about abortion in Canada. One who was defending them keeps spewing right wing myths in defense. Oblivious. No Grit there. Just mush.

A couple years back another male Prob blogger told me that he hoped for a Harper Mahjoritay so that people could learn their lesson.

When I pointed out that this (now current, and I was right) mahjoritay was going to be bad for women, he said....Wait for it. It's a doozy....

Women should just keep their legs closed for a few years. 


And this is indeed the attitude that floats through PB at times.  Like the He man woman haters club. Us against them. Holy crap.

It also reminds me of the ohhhhhhhh so reasonable types, the "pragmatists" who think that groups like women and gays should sit down and shut up because there are bigger fish to fry, we will get to your little issues later. Ya. 

"The Left wing fringes" which compose the majority of the population. We need to sit down and shut up and let the grown ups debate our rights for us. When they have time. Gee. thanks.

In the US they hold referendums on the civil rights of others. Same sex marriage, reproductive rights of women....Etc. 

I have never seen a referendum held on anything about the civil or reproductive rights of old straight white dudes. Odd that. Eh?

So a couple minor bloggers think we can discuss fetal personhood like "rational" folks. But yanno, this discussion is not a discussion. It's a back door and "fetal personhood" means they want to ban abortion, most forms of birth control and the civil and reproductive liberties of women. 

So. Nice job boys. 

As usual.

And I'll have to say one more time? PB is a big tent indeed, but what is the Iphone salesman doing in there?   


Pretty sad day...

when our human rights stance is described as as 'touchy topic'. We didn't fight for so long to have our rights dismissed as over-reaction.

They always do that.

I know you have been seeing this bullshit for years too.
Sit down and shut up little ladies. Be all demure. Otherwise you will be them radical feminists that we don't cotton to.

Fucking insane drivel eh?
When women got the vote and got laws pushed through to help equality, they sure as hell didn't sit there knitting.

And tribe and sasktoy. Bloody well sick of their pissy pants reactions.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.