First Nations and the Enbridge pipeline; the word on the rez

I can not pretend to speak for more than what I've heard through the grapevine. Rumor and perhaps propaganda, but I will share it, as for critics and opponents of the Enbridge Pipeline, it may provide some hope.
I heard from a source in the urban First Nations mobilization against the Northern Gateway project that in Vancouver at a single gathering of thousands of First Nations from across BC, over $100,000 dollars was raised to support opponents of the pipeline, to live up north to take direct action against both the corporation driving the construction, and even the government and whatever forces it raises to protect its corporate partner. This was months ago. I am sure there have been more gatherings since then, with First Nations also allying with ever more groups that oppose the pipeline.
The word on the rez is Oka, if necessary. The fear is perhaps the situation could spiral out of hand. We could end up with Pine Ridge, should the government fiercely pursue its ambition. However, despite this trepidation, First Nations continue to move northward in the thousands in anticipation of the coming confrontation. There is energy in the air. The people are excited, but also wary.
It may be shocking and disconcerting to the average Canadian the lengths First Nations are willing to travel in opposition to the government. It may even be frightening just how militaristic First Nations are willing to be to oppose this pipeline. However, such is probably inevitable. The Canadian government has over the past six or seven years done its best to marginalize and discredit First Nations across the nation, which has had the result of radicalizing First Nations. It has also had the effect of forcing First Nations into solidarity. There are of course defectors, but they are in the minority, and have been discredited among their peers.
The coming summer will be a fiercely hot one, whatever the weather.