Sun entertainment is pointing out a study that shows....That many Canadians simply do not have an emergency fund. They are not setting money aside for a rainy day. 

Of course, that is where I start laughing my ass off.

Set money aside.....With what?

Prices go up, wages do not. Lose your job? The Cons will be forcing you to take a lower paying one anyway. 

We spend all of the money we make on bills and basics.

Really, it is that simple.  

What they are trying to do is show how CARELESS people are.
How can they NOT save money? Just in case?

Tsk tsk many of their readers will be saying.  Many of them are probably baby boomers and seniors who got to live in better times created and engineered by their parents who wanted them to have a better life. Times where saving was possible. 

Of course many of them haven't the same regard for us, the ones who came after. We can sink or swim while they soak in their tubs filled with smugness and entitlement caterwauling about how lazy and shiftless us gen-xers, y and Z are. 


Funding our own pensions...

is another piece of bullshit policy discussion. Only the upper middle class and the wealthy take full advantage of RRSPs as it is. All this talk of introducing more market investment-based private pension vehicles will only result in tax relief for the same well heeled crowd.

I agree with the entire

I agree with the entire post.

On the subject of RRSP, I have one, only because my work matches my contributions, but I think it's a horrible setup, it just let's the rich people gamble with my money. I don't expect it to be around for long.