Death of money

Carney put his tootsies into the piranha pool the other day and the corporate fishies are now attempting to take off his leg.

In this instance he is totally correct.

Oh sure, the corporate piranha's are telling us they are just being prudent and all. They are just saving for a rainy day.
But anyone with a grain of common sense knows they are only attempting to make things worse.

See, the corps make a lot more money when they lay off all the workers or cut wages and benefits of regular workers. They want to devalue the worth of the rest of us so they can keep more and more for themselves. So far it's a great gig, and they get the total support of anyone who votes Conservative.

The CEO's of those corporations make more money every year, they don't care much.

All of those corporate tax cuts that are supposedly being used to spur "growth" have become part of their profit statements.
It's all a short term scheme to be sure, but at this moment the ledgers of these massive corporations have never looked so fat and content for doing absolutely nothing to earn it.

It will come crashing down at some point, but by then they think they won't care too much. They will have gotten theirs. The rest of us are just sharecroppers, or serfs anyway. 

But you know, when it all does crash, the money they are hoarding and saving for a "rainy day" will be as worthless as they are.

Money nowadays is like god; We used to have gold as a currency. Then we went to paper. Now? It's all electrons, it isn't even on paper anymore. You have to believe in it to have faith in it.

Most of what people consider to be "assets" are basically just sectors on a hard drive.

And yes, the money god is also a cult.

Dead Money. Probably much more apt than most of them realize.