That "middle ground" is actually a quicksand pit.

In my twitter feed today I spotted a conversation with two people I think highly of, and another....I really don't know what to think mostly.

I am never sure if he is that clueless or if it's a Devil's advocate kinda thing? There have been troubles in the past with his methodology as I recall.....

Today however, it started here:



Well. Why is it so many of the so called progressive men are so callous with this topic?

We just went through an incident with some glaring similarities over at good 'ol prob blogs. You may recall, where a couple of them think it's a fine'ol idea to debate the right of women to decide what happens to their bodies?

Let me explain. Again. (I need more than 140 characters in a twitter pissing contest. I have written on this topic extensively as have many Canadian Women bloggers)

The anti choice side Lies. A. Lot.

They would not know a truth if it smacked them upside the head and appeared in Neon with sparkler pasties and tap danced. 

To them, the ends justify the means. And the means can be just one massive string of disconnected gobbeldy-gook and glurge. They lie for Jayzuz -after all. (Jayzuz never had a word to say on this in that famous novel. BTW)

The anti choice side do not all agree that sex education and contraception are good for society either. And that is because they are usually the way they are because they truly beleive that everyone must also kowtow to their personal religious beliefs. 

Let's face it, birth control is not 100% effective.  No matter if you are the most careful person, stuff can still happen. Know that many anti choicers also want to go after many of the most effective forms of birth control and ban those as well. 

Rape, incest. A fetal anomoly or the health of women are also reasons why abortion is just a fact of life. 

The anti choicers as we have seen the last few weeks in the US are Guano Loca, and truly think that women are just second class beings. They are completely in line dance formation with their kindred here in Canada. Yee haw.

Personally, (and I have been picked apart for this in the past too because apparently some think I am FEAR MONGERING) I think that abortion is a medical procedure with inherent risks.  I think most women do try to avoid it, because it is also invasive and far more inconvenient than not getting pregnant in the first place. But there you have it.

There is no middle ground. No compromise. No working together.

I work towards reducing abortion simply by standing up for reproductive choice, sex education and birth control. The facts also tell us that by not legislating women's choices, we have a lower abortion rate than places that have criminalized it.  

And we also have a lower teen/unwanted pregnancy rate because we do teach our children how to take care of themselves and we make contraception available.

They want to move society back a few hundred years to something that was not reality anyway. Abortion is not new, it and the need for it has been around in many forms for thousands of years as has contraception and out of wedlock pregnancy.

The facts are already on our side, but facts are not real big in any of thier ideas or wishes. 

Total control of all aspects of women's bodies is their end goal. And I quite like having ownership over my own uterus. Thank you very much. I would also very much like to see my daughters have that same opportunity. (I have three of them.)

See? Way more than 140 characters.