Just when you thought you had heard it all...
Here it comes again!



Bev Oda was busted for smoking in a Washington DC hotel room, and fined $250 dollars for the privilege. She then tried to charge it as an expense, but paid it back when it was discovered, or about to be discovered.

Small potatoes, when you think of all the wasteful things the Harper Conservatives have spent our money on. But, it is indicative of the lack of honesty and accountability that is rife in that government.

There are hotel rooms in Washington DC that allow smoking BTW. So she didn't tell her staff to book it that way, or they screwed up.
Buffoonery or sneakiness, both are also Harper Conservative traits.

There were also reports that she expensed an air purifier for her non smoking office in Ottawa, so she could smoke undetected. Note: Smoking indoors, stinks. You just can't hide it. 

Smoking at work in a non smoking building is also something that the rest of us would be fired for. Big no no.  Not a so called "conservative" in the Harper Government. They is speshul. Yanno.

I can see why Bev doesn't want to smoke in public, that smokin' gangsta pic made the rounds on the intertubes and was a grand source of mirth and mockery. (I have gone there too!)

Bev resigned back in July, she will now get a cushy taxpayer funded pension (something they don't want any of us who work our whole lives to have) and most likely a well paid job on some corporate board where she can smoke in hotel rooms all over the place. She did a lot of "favours" while she was in government.

Just none of them were for us.