Be quiet you peons! It is hard work being honest!

Today's full comment by Dan Delmar, the short paraphrased pale version:

It is hard werk making sure you don't steal errrrrrrrrr borrow, errrrrrrrrr missapropriate! (ya, that's it)  others words! And you Twitterers and " novice journalists" have no idea how hard it is to come up with original thoughts!

To expect us to actually attribute ideas and stuff....Don't you know how hard it is to keep these dying papers going!

 Leave Margaret alllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooone.

pale *blinks*

Did this actually just appear in an online news column, written by a grown man? 

You betcha. A petulant little whine festivus. In the NP, but of course.

It is not only the fact that Wente was too careless to actually proof and attribute certain parts of her columns, it was the denial and the backwash from the public editor, and Wente's own decision to blame anyone but herself.

If this had been taken care of appropriately in a timely fashion, Wente and the Public editor would have gotten off far more lightly in this whole kerfuffle.

You know it, and I know it. And every parent who is raising kids to accept responsibility for their actions, knows it.
Fessing up and actually being even slightly contrite, goes a long way towards forgiveness.

As for the media dying, this started before the Internets, and there are many factors involved.  Tee Vee and radio killed off a large share of the print market over 60 years ago.

Another issue the media has, is trust. 

We do not trust the corporate owned media. There is the myth of the "librul media". But when one looks at the newspapers actually choosing sides in political races, that theory gets blown out of the water. Look who owns these massive link farms, only a handful of companies who have massive stakes in the political machinations of this country.

Sorry Dan. There is far more to this kerfuffle than making oo-boos. 

And it will only get better for you all with each petulant rant you write in defense of the indefensible.

Good luck with that eh?

I do joke that it looks like this WenteGate damage control is being run by the Romney campaign. But since the G&M and the super speshul media elite keep reinforcing that image and all........

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Intellectual dishonesty on display

What, no mention of the Dan Gardner appropriation in the same article? Or all the other articles? A lawyer unwittingly joining the Occupy movement (my fave)?

This isn't helping Wente's cause any. Of course, there is no cause to help.

Breathtakingly disingenuous, willfully ignorant

Must admit this pattern, begun by Wente and exacerbated by Stead, is validating much of what the left has suspected about our media. It's just surprising to me how fast it is all unraveling. Moreover, the arrogance, combined with an almost total lack of self awareness, on display is beyond what I would ever have expected.

Delmar's clueless and deliberately dim-witted account of Wente's falling out with ethics follows this trend. The game now is: how low can our journalists dig themselves before reality sinks in?

Personally, I hope this folly keeps unwrapping the rotten core of so much of our media. Only then will writers begin to take account of their industry and hopefully bring a new perspective to what we read and hear in the press and on the airwaves. That it will happen is most assuredly a pipe dream, but at least social media has given the media a much-needed kick in the pants.