Dear high school tormentor:

With the news full of Amanda Todd, many of us have gone into some deep reflection of school years where we were harassed and tormented on a daily basis.

We feel very deeply for that young girl, even though we didn't know her.

It has struck a chord because we can empathize with what she was feeling to a certain extent.

The hopelessness, the fear, the....shame?

It was different back when I was in school, then, we were not wired into our school peers at home. The internet has made it that much worse for many kids. Running the daily gauntlet on the bus (which I simply refused to use much of the time) going to school and just feeling like it was hell to get through a day. But if you made it home, and could just hide in your bedroom and have a good cry- daily...Home was not all that much better BTW.

I have to admit, it was so very awful at my school that I left without even graduating. Many will say that the victims should just suck it up, it's part of childhood!
Ya, going to school to see your locker painted with horrible words, items being stolen that were later found trashed... being terrorized in the hallways and gym class....Mental and physical abuse...
So normal hey?

I still feel robbed to this day. Yes, I have a diploma that I actually went back for years later. With all the credits I had missed it took two years of night school.

Many kids simply do not make it out alive

Do you think that any former bullies are feeling any need to go over the acts they committed against their victims?

I have to fess up, in this day of facebook I found my high school tormentor a while back. I went and looked again today because I have been pondering...
She is older of course, but the smile in her profile pic still gives me the heebie jeebies.

I followed some info gleaned through the photos while looking for her cohorts, and found it totally ironic that at least two of her friends have "liked" the Amanda Todd tribute pages. They think bullying is not OK, but are the friend of a major nasty bully. *shrug*

I will not contact her of course. Just going to leave that one be forever.

I wonder if she or her circle of friends from high school think about any of the things they did back then? I know it affected my life, I kind of doubt they feel anything today or even remember it.

I found this letter a former victim received from their own bully.

We as a society look like we are trying to eradicate bullying, but when I look at who is running the country..... 

Mitt Romney who is running for the president of the United States was a horrible abusive bully in school. He has continued that tactic through life.

We like to think that everyone gets their just desserts in life like in the movies. But life ain't fair. 

Many want to target the web as the entire problem with bullying. A couple particularily dense national columnists have decided that the internetz are wholly to blame.Tsk tsk.

Cyberbullying is a modernized version of what has been going on for years. More insidious because it follows kids wherever they go. Kids cannot simply give social media up either, this is part of the evolution of our society and technology.

No. This is a much bigger issue than just the internet.  It is cultural, and it starts very early in the development of children.  And it seems to be rewarded more often than not when looking at some of the most powerful figures in our world.

How's this? If you do recall tormenting someone you went to school with or worked with, and have even a shred of a conscience? Drop them a line and apologize. Then show it to your children. Learning starts at home.



Beautiful post, pale!

Until the Amanda Todd tragedy surfaced and triggered many discussions about bullying, I had buried the many times I was bullied.

I never told my parents except for one time when I had to explain what happened to the money I was suppose to submit to the school for some insurance policy (a couple of older kids I didn't know found the envelope with the money on me and stole it). I was so ashamed that the truth only came out when the school asked why my parents weren't renewing the insurance). I was berated and punished - told not to be naive and a pushover. My older half-brother came home with egg on him - he had been pelted - and my father's response was to physically punish him and put him on some strength building exercise routine. He in turn started bullying me.

It's stupid to blame the internet as having created the problem. It has existed forever in many forms. But it's the fact that our society has grown so mean and angry, were verbal bullying is the norm in politics and media commentary that has changed. Kids gang up and make cruel comments on Facebook because such crass insulting has become an acceptable norm. Harper and Romney are bullies and they don't even have the excuse of being adolescents.

I didn't know my primary school tormentors but I really should look up the middle school ones. However, they were girls who may have grown up to marry and lose their maiden names.

The trick

Is to look up the male classmates.

Often the friends lists will contain a couple names from circles they were in in school. .and so on and so on. LOL.

People often put their school in the education line, so it shows prominently as a thing they "share". Makes it a lot faster to search too. :)
Get out the yearbooks!
My tormentor has a different name, but there she was, with her maiden name in brackets.
Sorry to hear that you had this crap in your life too.
So many of the smarter and kinder people I know did.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.

I wrote to some of my former high school tormentors

About 10 years ago. Later one of them emailed, apologizing to me. The 2 others ignored me. However, one of them, oddly enough, was the one who invited me to Facebook initially. Of course, she unfriended me recently...doesn't like my politics. I must be doing something right. Actually, don't know if you or your readers have noticed this, but I've found, through social media, that most of my tormentors are staunch Harpercon cheerleaders. Hell, I knew I was different! Just never knew until now that it was in a good way.


I went to high school in the BC Bible Belt. This is true. Mennonite and born again. Holy crap what a bunch of whackadoos.
All them good ol' Christian Values and the meanest little shits as an example of their "values".

Yup. Totally agree.

But I won't bother writing, like I said. Just digs it all up again for me, and they are probably still mean little shits.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.