Angry White guy



The other night was the most hilarious thing I have seen on TV in a long while.
Romney lied and smiled that horrible smile, and he face planted on the Benghazi Rose Garden statement.
Romney also made many noteworthy gaffes.

He thinks women want to go home to make dinner instead of getting equal pay for equal work. Release em all at 5pm, that outta shut em up?

He Lied about a story regarding "whole binders full of women". He never asked to have the state scoured for women candidates, that was the work of others. And, his claim that he appointed more women to senior postions, is not entirely true either it seems.

He topped it off with referring to the gathered information as "binders full of women". Not resumes of highly qualified candidates.

He would never boast about binders full of men. You know it, and I know it.

Today I also heard that Jerome Corsi is actually on the Romney plane, an accredited member of the Romney campaign press corps. 

Yup, that Jerome Corsi.

Jerome Corsi, the political writer and conspiracy theorist, is traveling with the Mitt Romney press corps today.
Corsi, 66, writes for World Net Daily and is the author of several anti-Obama books, including Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President.
Asked why he was traveling with the Romney campaign, Corsi told POLITICO, "I am a Senior Staff Reporter for WND covering the campaign.

Nov 6 is coming soon, and there will be 1 more debate before then, let's hope Obama is awake this time again.

Many are legitimately unhappy with the Obama presidency. Not enough done economy wise, healthcare, Gitmo etc...

But trust me, if Romney/Ryan get in in the US, it will not be good for us in the great white north. It will only embolden the Harper agenda. 


A devil you know kind of moment...

isn't it?

I remember getting so angry with many political posters who went on and on about the Liberals needing to be punished for AdScam. I am no fan of Paul Martin and hated his deficit reduction cuts and his open for business attitude but there is a modicum of some compassion and care for the less privileged. And I would take an AdScam over everything that Harper has hoisted upon us any day of the week. When Harper got his in it wasn't just the Liberals who were punished, so was the whole of the country.