Sisters, sibling rivalries, and realization.

Ya, I am Mama blogging. Bear with me.

Last evening after the gurlies had been put into bed and kissed and hugged, they got into a kerfuffle about a book.

The 7 year old had "borrowed" the book that her sister had taken out from the classroom library and she wanted it back. NOW!

I went in and told them that we could talk about it tomorrow, and that they needed to go to sleep.

A few minutes later an unholy wailing came from the bedroom, X2.
I went in again, and asked what was going on?
The answer: The 7 year old had told her sister she HATED her.
A couple minutes later she felt really terrible, because she remembered that she actually loves her.
So they were both lying there crying because they love each other.

Probably will never happen again. 
Dayum I have nice kids.

Ok. Most of the time. :)

And now, so my curmudgeonly image is not forever tarnished, a reading by Samuel L Jackson, Go the F*ck to sleep. (Duh, there is swearing in this video.)

That's what I say under my breath on many nights.