Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain.....

'Tis that day again, little goblins all ramped up on sugar, fog in the air...
Trick or Treat?
With the news of the storm called Sandy, it is hard to get into the holiday spirit at times.

But Sandy did turn up something that is almost Halloween related, a skeleton entangled in the roots of a tree that it blew over.

Superstorm Sandy Unearths Colonial-Era Skeleton

Really good photos at that link.

And a squirrel terrorized a neighbourhood when it got it's head stuck in a decoration and ran around attempting to get it off it's head....I cannot find the original article, but did find a copy of the original photo.



Happy Halloween all. 

Tomorrow is Happy discount chocolate day! I hope to celebrate that.
Spooky dreams.


Best of the holiday to you too!

That poor squirrel. Probably would have been just as upset if it had been a can or a plastic bag... but the photo is terrific.

It has been cracking me up

All day. :)

How was the holiday?
The rain stopped here between 6:30 and 10pm! So awesome!
We certainly appreciated it.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.