Two days

I know many of us here in Canada are obsessively watching the US elections.

We know how it affects us when the Repubs are in office.
I don't see that many differences between the Harper conservatives and the Romney republicans; they are both extreme when it comes to social issues, and both parties are too busy giving blow jobs to the companies that fund them to think about the environment and things like that.

Some do not see a diff between the Dems and the Repubs, but one only needs to look at issues that affect women to notice there is a massive difference. Granted, there is too much corporate money involved in the entire political process.

But I am still hoping for a Dem win anyway.

What are you planning on doing Tuesday evening?
We here at the Batcave will be watching the numbers rolling in and praying to our gods that Romney doesn't steal this one like Bush did in 2000.

I will be sipping from my Hillbilly sized bottle of BC wine, and watching twitta and Dkos. And probably yelling at the Tee Vee.

Join me, virtually!



Suggested snacks: Real Canadian Hawkin's cheezies or US style pork rinds.

Attire: Your best snarky attitude. (I will probably be in my bathrobe.)

Hope to see you there!


They sell...

Hawkin cheezies at our local drug mart. I'll have to pick some up on my way to the next door Liquor Mart for a hillbilly size bottle of plonk (maybe the brother Gallo's variety).


I like the hillbilly size of Sawmill Creek.

It's a fact: 100% of all the people who ate carrots in 1850, are dead.

Sawmill Creek

Always a good choice. I've always loved the hillbilliness of its name :-)